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  1. taco2go

    Sony A7- first full frame mirrorless camera

    I suppose this was inevitable, cant wait to see IQ comparisions with FF DSLR counterparts. And with significant reduction in weight and size, as well as the body only price in the $16-2000 range...
  2. taco2go

    2013 Honda CB1100- the proper way to revisit a classic.

    Kudos to Honda for paying tribute to the CB750. Just love the idea of paying genuine homage to a specific legacy model, with hidden upgrades. Very well executed, I think. What if Toyota did this with some of their classics. (40/80 series trucks) :)
  3. taco2go

    Keweenaw Peninsula , Michigan's U.P- A Short Photo Essay

    The Keweenaw Peninsula deserves it's own thread on the forum. I'm always excited to get a chance to visit this scenic portion of Michigan's Upper Peninsula- and was happy to be able to spend a couple of days this past week with the family exploring the northern shoreline around Copper Harbor...
  4. taco2go

    Point Abbaye, UP Michigan- A Short Photo Essay

    Another spot in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula that still offers a chance for complete solitude surrounded by the vastness of Lake Superior . The Abbaye peninsula is easily missed or bypassed, usually during a run up the larger and more imposing Keweenaw Peninsula on the west side of the bay ...
  5. taco2go

    The Myriad Moods of Munising and Mosquito Beach: A Short Photo Essay

    I visited Munising this 9/11 weekend, backpacking to Mosquito Beach, a region that deserves it's own thread on the Portal's photo forum. The shoreline along the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan's Upper Peninsula offers a spectacular exhibit of the effects of wind and water on...
  6. taco2go

    Isle Royale- A short photo essay.

    I thought I'd share a few pictures of Lake Superior's crown Jewel . Isle Royale is probably the most remote of the National Parks and likely the least frequented. More people visit Yosemite in a single day than visit Isle Royale all year. Probably because of its limited accessability- a four...
  7. taco2go

    Royal Enfield Video

    Thought I'd share this here- It's an ad, but beautifully done, and a tribute to Chennai, home of Royal Enfield since the 50s. I love the little vignettes: Beach Traffic- AR Rahman-Karnatic-Barathanatiyam-Rajini Kanth billboard (Indian Chuck Norris) Tanned girl in sari- Tea shop- Auto rickshaw-...
  8. taco2go

    Contemplative Photography

    So I'm finding myself browsing more of these types of galleries- but am finding there's also a lot of of nonsense in the whole "contemplative" genre Any other suggestions or links from you more well rounded and learned picture takers? Picked up a couple of books and am starting to revisit...
  9. taco2go

    Glimpses of Garwhal- a short photo essay.

    Got back from a 2 week trip to the Uttrakhand Province in North India, and I thought I'd share a few pictures in this thread. There's so much to see, but it was always so busy at the clinics that I had few moments to sight-see with camera in hand. I'm hoping to make more casual, recreational...
  10. taco2go

    Landscape video

    Starting to see some estabished landscape photographers venture into video. Michael Anderson is certainly well travelled, and made a video of some South American destinations- he posted this on his blog recently. Check it out: Odyssey A little cheesy, but it got me thinking about what sorts...
  11. taco2go

    Post your HDR pics!

    I’m still finding it hard to like most HDR mages - but they're everywhere and likely to stay. And while I’m still very much a get-it-all-in-one-shot student of photography, every once in a while, I’ll see what happens when I run a couple of pictures through the meat grinder. So after reading...
  12. taco2go

    Of U.P. Fall and Fans- a short photo essay

    The Sun returned this weekend, in one of it’s final flares of farewell tours Grudgingly giving way, to the way cooler, waywardly cooler winter. Finally I made the push to attend this late autumn concert of colors with my son. The chorus of leaves may have lacked their usual pep and sparkle...
  13. taco2go

    Waugoshance Point: short photo essay

    I returned yesterday from a 2 day trip out to Wilderness State Park, just west of the Straits of Mackinac. My wife wanted to spend time bird watching, much of which was hindered Saturday by thick fog (to my secret approval:)) fast moving, low lying puffs, that came and went in waves. Made for...
  14. taco2go

    New Nikon 16-35 f4G ED

    Just curious to know if anyone here has used this new offering from Nikon. Seems like an ideal landscape lens partnered with an FX body- with the ability to use filters/grads.
  15. taco2go

    Of Bhutan and Dzhongs

    Not my trip- I wish it was. Omair kindly gave me his permission to post some pictures from his trip this month, to this once fiercely isolated buddhist kingdom, now opening it's doors to the world. A gem of an overlanding destination in S.E. Asia if there ever was one. One of our own...
  16. taco2go

    Whitefish Point, MI

    A last-minute change in call schedules allowed for a quick trip up to Whitefish point last weekend . Dusted with 2 inches of snow on Sunday-:REOutCampFire03: Autumn on the wane.. The trusty camera case Absolutely freaky "doughnut cloud"- courtesy of lake effect:
  17. taco2go

    2000-2004 Tacoma rust warranty

    As you are probably aware, the warranty coverage is now extended to include 2000- 2004 tacomas. I just had my truck inspected(passed) and treated at the dealer- they did not know the chemical make-up of the stuff that Toyota has them spray onto the frame rails. Anyone here privy to that...
  18. taco2go

    African Outback racks

    On the UP Overland trip, I had the opportunity to see 2 Landcriusers with Frontrunner and AO racks side by side- :drool: the AO offers just enough clearance for my garage. Now that Slee is no longer importing AO roof racks, does anyone know of other distributers in the US?
  19. taco2go

    Of fog and rain and the panorama of the Keweenaw.

    This past weekend my family had a wet but thoroughly enjoyable few days at Copper Harbor. We initially had planned the weekend around the Battery D Re-enactment at Fort Wilkins, but the lure of the wilderness was too strong despite the rain. It is truly god's country up there.....beautiful and...
  20. taco2go

    Of Tanagers and Two-Tracks.

    Following a week of jetlag and a busy weekend on call, I needed a quick day trip to refresh the body and mind (BTW here's a small clip of a little 'mahindra (tractor) mayhem' from the village I was at in India.)...