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  1. jim65wagon

    Merchants Millpond State Park

    Our first trip of the year! The CrowsWing got loaded with delicious food and drinks, and the CrowsTow (aka Queen Elizabeths Revenge) got loaded up with Kayaks, float gear and extra equipment needed for our daughter to camp along with us. This year (as was last year) the goal was to find the...
  2. jim65wagon

    The Wild Crow - A Not So Wild Build Thread

    The Wild Crow - Flight Prepartions (A Not So Wild Build Thread) Well,we done went an did it. We bought a new truck. It is a 2014 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road withthe TX Baja package. Why? Because ….Well,'s the back story.... As you may or may not know, my wife and I have...
  3. jim65wagon

    Airing Down Tires 101

    This article by Mark Allen "The Lowdown, Offroad Tire Pressure" is a very informative read.
  4. jim65wagon

    Brake battery charged with house battery

    Our trailer chassis came with electric brakes and the little control box that operates the breakaway safety switch through a small 12v battery. Would there be any issues with just tying the house batteries for the teardrop into the same charge line? Or should the small battery be deleted and...
  5. jim65wagon

    The CrowsWing - Offroad Teardrop Trailer

    The backstory:.My wife Elizabeth and I made a plan about 3 years ago. We called it our 10 year plan. In the 10 year time frame the kids will be nearly through with college and setting off on their own. This will leave us as the cliched “empty nesters” in a very large and expensive house, in...
  6. jim65wagon

    Our Silver (Shadow) Honeymooniversary

    Our Silver (Shadow) Honeymooniversary OK so it's not really our Silver Anniversary (yet) , it's really only our 20th (but we started dating 5 years prior so we have been together for 25 years), but for our Anniversary present to each other we did rent a Silver Shadow (it looks Platinum in...
  7. jim65wagon

    SOLD! Old Town Camper Canoe

    SOLD! 16' Old Town Camper canoe in green Royalex. Royalex is the lightest and strongest material Old Town produces canoes in. Weighs just 60 pounds.Carrying capacity of 1200pounds. Ash thwart and yoke with cane seats. MSRP of $1569 when new. Originally purchased in 2006. Has seen moderate use...
  8. jim65wagon

    Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx

    Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx There they are, fresh off the truck. Coopers new S/T Maxx in a 285/75r16. First impression: They are huge! Well, compared to the 255s they look huge.....I'm sure they'll fit, snugly. They are heavy! 61 lbs each! I'm digging the tread pattern, the siping...
  9. jim65wagon

    First Aid Kits

    We've been travelling and camping (uh, overlanding) for several years now. We've always carried a small first aid kit but it was essentially band-aids and ibuprofen. We travel alone, we travel with our teenagers, we travel with other people. We do enough travelling that we decided last year...
  10. jim65wagon

    Hello, My Name is Earl

    Prologue There's nothing more relaxing than a week on the beach…..absolutely nothing pressing to do, no work, no meetings, nothing of import to attend to. The beach we prefer is particularly suitable to just such relaxation; Cape Lookout National Seashore on the South Core Island of the...
  11. jim65wagon

    Cranberry Bogs and Bears

      Day 1 Sunday July 25 Our trip to the Cranberry Wilderness started out well…..we had Saturday off and got the truck all loaded up and packed neatly into camping mode. With the GPS (Garmin 780) set for a campsite we found along the Gauley river, we set off on a predicted 6 hour...
  12. jim65wagon

    Camel Trophy

    No Affiliation; just saw this on my way to Dulles International the other day. It's on Centreville Road in the area of Manassas, VA. The pics are cellphone quality, sorry bout that... I know you can't read the paper, but in short it reads (from memory)....this was custom built for...
  13. jim65wagon

    Garmin Nuvi 780

    For several years now we've used a Magellan Meridian Gold as our only GPS. With a mix of Topo and DirectRoute maps on one SD card it delivered us to many places both on and off-road. In the last year it started "acting up" freezing, showing us driving on areas of maps we weren't on, and...
  14. jim65wagon

    Kitchen Kit/Chuck Box

    How do you carry all of your Kitchen accessories? If you're like us you've carried them in a Rubbermaid tote with everything starting out neatly nested and tucked away within. As the days of a trip progress the organization of said tote becomes, well, jumbled. My wife and I both hated the 2nd...
  15. jim65wagon

    Gps routing

    My Magellan Meridian recently suffered a glitch and would not function at all. I got that fixed by reloading the firmware. My wife and I decided that it functions best as a handheld for hiking and canoeing, but not so well for on-road travel. Screen size and routing are not the best for road...
  16. jim65wagon

    Integrated vs non integrated

    When shopping for a winch is it preferable to have a non-integrated solenoid or integrated? I see some winches give you a choice (ala Superwinch EP or EPi). Is one style superior to the other? Does it matter? Which would you prefer?
  17. jim65wagon

    100,000 miles

    100,000 miles, now with twice that mileage! Well, the Tundra crossed 100,000 miles last weekend So to celebrate I thought I'd let ramble on for a bit about it. Since my last truck couldn't make 100,000 on a flatbed it's a milestone for me. We bought the truck new in the fall of 2002. The...
  18. jim65wagon


    Well I must say for such a small little island, this place sure packs a lot of punch in its scenery! We flew out of Dulles on the 16th, everyone was extremely excited. Arriving in Lihue, we found our tour guide, Kimo (otherwise known as Grandpa) waiting with shuttle service. Since this was our...
  19. jim65wagon

    New OBA

    Since our last outing to the Outer Banks in October saw the demise of my little MV-50, I decided it was time to get a little more serious. Since I'm a cheapskate, I've spent the last few months on Ebay, and CL picking up parts. Now I've got them together, they just need a little more...
  20. jim65wagon

    EBC brakes for the Tundra

    After 97,000 miles I decided the brakes needed a little R&R. I've only changed the pads once (37,000) when I switched to a set of Autozone ceramics, didn't even get the rotors turned...they worked very well but were starting to show their age in the mountains. Since I thought "upgrade" I...