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    HAM Operators- Post up here

    KF5xxx Got my Tech and General last month. Started with a Wouxun KG-UVD1P and accoutrements, and I just installed a Yaesu FT-7900R in the Xterra. My dad, a ham since 1956, recently passed along to me a nice little QRP package he put together a few years back - an Elecraft K2, solar panel...
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    Warn Tabor line to be discontinued.

    The Tabor line only has a 1-year warranty.
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    Sceptre water cans or similar Click "shop as a guest." Put "water can" in the search box. $15.84 each, free FexEx shipping over $50. Any color you want as long as you want OD Green or Desert Tan. They're government contractors. It's as close as you're gonna get to Scepter without actually going with...
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    Need to buy a Scepter Water Can

    They also have decent deals on govt contract AR15/M16 mags. :)
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    Need to buy a Scepter Water Can

    I recommend for your water cans. They're govt contractors, so their cans are pretty much going to be to the same specs at the Sceptors, just without the Sceptor name. $15.84/ea, free FedEx shipping over $50. I've got eight of 'em. Just "Shop/Preview" as a guest, and run a...
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    Camper Shells: your experiences and suggestions

    No experience with Softopper, but I have a Bestop Supertop, and I'm loving it so far. I paid $1600 for an ARE Z-series top for a Dodge I once had, and I decided I won't do that again. It was a great top, but it spent more time off the truck than on.
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    Looking for a "survival rifle"

    Nope, it's definitely mine. :D Had it for over 20 years, now. Also have the original vinyl case for it. After looking at that pic again, I think I might just have to strip & refinish the furniture on it.
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    Looking for a "survival rifle"

    Sounds familiar... Meet the first gun I could call my own, Savage 24C Camper:
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    Recovery Points on Stock Jeep Wrangler

    Jeeps are easy for recovery points. Mine didn't come with any at all, so I just picked up a few standard 10000lb hooks you'll find at any offroad shop. They bolt right up to the front of the TJ (once you've picked up the proper bolts from the hardware store), and one common method for the rear...
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    Fuel can ?

    Or, you could just use a Simple Siphon/Super Siphon and not worry about nozzles at all.
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    Random dog shots

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    campsite pics..lets see um

    Last night - Billy Creek, Ouachita NF, Oklahoma:
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    Best road signs

    Near Palo Duro Canyon: Somewhere between Celina & Gunter, TX: This is the community of Jumbo, OK:
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    Howdy. Long time lurker, first time poster. This one's still a work in progress. I'm about the farthest thing from a carpenter, and this thing has been a royal pain in the butt. :ar15: Lowes doesn't exactly have the straightest wood out there. As it stands, I've got a structure of 1x10 pine...