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  1. Maryland 110

    RRC: LWB vs SWB

    this is a matter of personal preference but if you are tall @ all, there is no leg room in the back seat with the front seat moved back in a swb classic. Additionally the small doors on the back of the swb are really hard to deal with-try putting a mid sized box in the truck through them, or an...
  2. Maryland 110

    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    ??? First I have heard that. They tend to bring a re-sale premium over their shorter brethren. The larger 4.2 makes a substantial difference. I liked my lwb's more than the shorter trucks. I had an lwb and a NAS 90 @ the same time and drove the lwb way more than the 90. Sold them both when I...
  3. Maryland 110

    109 side panel question

    why not post your proposed trade on ? That would be my first stop.
  4. Maryland 110

    Building my own sliders and plans for LR

    I like nerfs. I have, on numerous occasions, turned into a tree and pivoted the entire truck on the nerf. My current powder coat is shared on a few oak tree's in Virginia. This on trees the truck would have slid sideways into anyway. The nerfs offer an additional level of protection. That said...
  5. Maryland 110

    110 Pickup..driveway shots

    As I'm sure you know DVLA does nothing in a timely manner especially logging in perm exports. Truck left Uk the end of Oct. DVLA no longer issue cert of export like they used to- paper work reduction.
  6. Maryland 110

    Road trip

    Frank pull the serial number from the tcase. I'm certain its a 1.6. We put a disco 200 in a 1983 110 pickup just like yours. Same result. We skipped a 1.4 and installed a 1.2 in that truck running 255.85 Bfg's. that coupled with the slightly lower 5th gear the early lt77's had made for a perfect...
  7. Maryland 110

    110 Pickup..driveway shots

    Julian had that some where it could be bid on ?
  8. Maryland 110

    Defender Heater

    With that comment you do understand that these are aftermarket auxillary diesel fired timer controled heaters being discussed ? Stock replacement LR Defender heaters are in the $500 range for the entire unit. I buy them frequently for right to left hand drive conversions.
  9. Maryland 110

    Finally...cleared customs

    ??? Rover only made 7000 or so defenders (110's) in 83 and they aren't behind every bush in the Uk. The Danes, Swiss, etc are all trying to buy up and 83,84,85's that pop up on ebay as those trucks have next to no road tax in their countries. That said, focus on a decent truck on ebay UK and...
  10. Maryland 110

    Road trip

    He's down by Roanoke Virginia headed South West on I81- says its all good.
  11. Maryland 110

    Road trip

    His goal for today was to make it to Marty's place in Kentucky. They may very well throw it up on the rack and swap in a disco 1.2 tcase. That would make the rest of his jorney much more enjoyable.
  12. Maryland 110

    Road trip

    Regretfully like many I touch, I hadn't driven Franks truck until I went to the airport to pick him up in it. Its got a 1.6 tcase and anything over 50mph is pushing the tdi engine to an rpm where its not happy. Doubt he'll see much economy this trip. I wish him God Speed.
  13. Maryland 110

    Quieting my pintle hitch????

    My lunette can turn 360 degree's and actuates the brakes from any position. Is this not common ? I have the ball pintle type hitch and its not the best fit and have been on the lookout for a better one.
  14. Maryland 110

    Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa

    Kind of like the difference in philosophy between sailing and power boating. Sailing is said to be all about the voyage. Power boating the destination. I love the comment that digging out is part of the journey- to be savored just like the rest of the trip. His philosophy is clear. He could...
  15. Maryland 110

    An expedition truck on portals...

    Diesel is more than petrol in the states as well due to our road tax on fuel. Robert just an idea but on marine applications, two hose clamps are used @ each end of a hose. looks like you have plenty of room and it would further eliminate the possibility of smelling diesel in the cabin.
  16. Maryland 110

    Large Rover Collection Going on the Auction Block, then scrapped if not sold.

    So are you saying I have already imported a truck from the guy who owned all of this ?
  17. Maryland 110

    Large Rover Collection Going on the Auction Block, then scrapped if not sold.

    I think Bill @ TNLR bought that from Dunsfold and restored it. It looks like they pulled the roof off of it to get it inside there in Norway. Guessing Bill sold it to this guy.
  18. Maryland 110

    An expedition truck on portals...

    Wow. hadn't seen the rear seat box in a late truck. On my Tdi the entire rear seat box is a large storage compartment where I keep all my recovery gear, tool rolls etc. What make is the bed cap on your buddies truck ? Have a link by any chance ?
  19. Maryland 110

    Large Rover Collection Going on the Auction Block, then scrapped if not sold.

    Dale if you have people on the ground there lets do something. I really would like the forestry truck. I have imported things with smoke and mirrors and receipts written on toilet paper before so why should this be different. Ex mod trucks come with a receipt that looks like a third grader did...
  20. Maryland 110

    Defender 110 double-cab pickup for sale

    Welcome Stuart, Sorry to hear you are selling the truck. Always liked it as you know. To answer a few of the questions above. As he said in his post, he bought it already imported and titled from a seller in NC. So he didn't "get it in" or handle its initial registration. It is a 110 double cab...