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  1. pskhaat

    Campteq :: More info, yes/no, worth it?

    I really really want (asymptotically trending to need) a pop roof camper solution. Specifically, for my in-progress FJ80 build. Campteq may be an option here. The price is non-trivial. A few questions Is it worth it? What true level of increased convenience is attained? Is the...
  2. pskhaat

    FJ80 (eiȝty) Expeditionary

    30 years in the making. 30 years delayed. Finally a lowly Eiȝty exemplifies its purpose. If you know, you know. More to come.
  3. pskhaat

    Stay 15" tires or move to 17"?

    FJ80. 15" wheels stock. Fitting ~33"s. Would you stay 15s for more sidewall or move to 17s? I have both OEM 15" and 17" wheels. 17 is the new 15. Options for tires are plentiful anyway. Any reason y'all would stray from 15?
  4. pskhaat

    2020q4 Options for lc80 pop top?

    What are my options moving into 2021 for a GOOD pop top camper on an LC80?
  5. pskhaat

    Edumecate me on NATO cans and spouts?

    I have several older NATO fuel cans that accompany me on my tours. Somewhere during garage adjustments over COVID I lost my neck/spout. Every one I seem to order are the wrong size. What exact spout/neck do I need to fit my cans?
  6. pskhaat

    Fuel on roof. Fore or aft?

    I get it. Not the best place for fuel, atop the roof. I need a minimum of 10 extra gallons and don't have a larger/auxiliary tank. Due to weight and sloshing would you advise to mount them towards the front or the rear of a full length roof rack. Why?
  7. pskhaat

    Roof bags?

    For a short period of time, I would tour with a set of waterproof duffel bags (large North Face) on the roof, properly packed and strapped down. I mostly tour with 4 people, three of them are now adult-sized, myself included :) This is where lightweight clothing, kids stuff, and other...
  8. pskhaat

    Doubly-fused charge cable on double batteries?

    Wiring my aux battery. Trying to avoid getting fried out like I did in years past. If the charge cable ends up grounding (it happens to me, see above) ¿may I assume the benefit of fuses on each battery as to not...
  9. pskhaat

    Outside (on roof rack) 12VDC power bus?

    Folks, running 12VDC with ~40A capacity up to the roof rack, there will the "obligatory" LED lighting as well as outlets for the rooftent and an eventual solar feed. I'd like to terminate a bus/breakout from somewhere such that I'm not splicing/tapping every time. What solutions have you used...
  10. pskhaat

    Lower profile mounting channel for eeziawn rooftent?

    Pictured below is the egregiously high profile mounting and support channel on my eeziawn well exceeding 1.3" in height. Looking to replace this with something as low profile as possible. Any ideas?
  11. pskhaat

    ¿What tire size do you wish existed? But does not.

    Some of us have to make compromises on tire sizing. Through the plethora of options, do you want a size that is simply not made? I do: 275/85R16 would have been ideal on my old LC80. A step up from the venerable 255s, but give a bit more width for larger vehicles, 255/80R18 keeps the skinny...
  12. pskhaat

    Rooftent weight support on hood/bonnet sides?

    Plan is to open rooftent over the hood, entry on the roof. I've already done the side opening thing, and I want the weight distribution more to the bow. Over-hood open, Backside roof entry, ☝ because of that ladder is at too oblique of an angle for proper static support, Want to support the...
  13. pskhaat

    WTB 1991-1992 FJ80 (US)

    As stated 😁 Not looking for crawlers. Goes without saying but closet to stock the better.
  14. pskhaat

    WTB Eezi Awn (S3) 1200

    Want to get into a bigger tent? Yeah, you totally do 😊 Looking for a 1200. Always worth a shot to see who may be interested in selling!
  15. pskhaat

    Best roof rack for LC100 with plans for over-the-hood opening rooftent?

    I plan to mount a folding rooftent (likely eeziawn) that opens over the hood of my LC100, keeping nominal/light storage in the rear of the roof &| solar charging. There are dozens of full-length roof rack options out there. But minus closely inspecting each and every one, can anyone help...
  16. pskhaat

    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    The off-highway tire debate is over, and I’m embarrassed. The winner has been anointed. Sans oil. The inevitable my-tire-is-better threads may now cease. Allow me to proclaim: I've found the tire and they are the prosaic LTXen. Or, rather the Michelin Defender LTX M/S as officially called...
  17. pskhaat

    Airing down Michelin LTX's

    I'm a mud tire guy. Tried and true. Studded and siped. Can't go wrong. Right? Or maybe...just maybe I try (again) some LTXs. Can you share your experiences with traction and sidewall quality whence aired down to like 6-10psi for extended times?
  18. pskhaat

    FS 1996 FZJ80 Simple Overlander / Cloth'd

    Selling my 1996 FZJ80, great condition. $11,000usd. Cloth seats, utility-built for off-highway, and the long and less-traveled roads. 2nd owner for the last 18 years. Details at links below. Located in Denver, CO area. Many on this board know me and this 80. I hope she finds a good home. I...
  19. pskhaat

    Opinions/problems with Mercedes S210 (E320 wagon)?

    There are a few gotchas I can see on these vehicles, but overall, who else has/had these vehicles and what is your take, opinion, watch-outs, love-ems and all the above?
  20. pskhaat

    WTB Rooftent in Colorado

    Looking for a smaller rooftent in or around the Front Range of Colorado. I've owned an EA2200, so not new to them. Any make/model let me know if you're interested in selling.