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  1. Hilldweller

    Arriving in April -- Permanent Bed model, 2 hard dormers, Extreme Offroad package (lifted, better tires, higher gvwr) After 10 fun-filled years of teardropping, we're finally trading it in. Looking forward to being able to stand up while dressing. It was a long decision...
  2. Hilldweller

    TRD Trailer

  3. Hilldweller

    Cheap awning(s) review

    I bought a couple of these a while ago (price has gone up and now charging for shipping) and mounted them on both sides of the teardrop. I finally got some nasty weather and saw how they performed. In...
  4. Hilldweller

    Tactical Gear dot com They run sales all the time...
  5. Hilldweller

    Columbia's Star Wars line up

    Yup. You know you want them. Admit it.
  6. Hilldweller

    Truck Hero to Acquire Omix-ADA

    Big fish eaten by bigger fish... Hope that Dave's wonderful Jeep collection stays around.
  7. Hilldweller

    Small solar suitcase with battery pack included

    I saw this and thought it was neat. Forgive me if it was posted already. A little pricey but it's all-in-one:
  8. Hilldweller

    Adventure Travel Boot Redux

    Christophe just wrote this piece: A couple of years ago we had this lively discussion that never ended. I find it interesting how the criteria for...
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    Jeep Pickup pics

    It Lives!
  10. Hilldweller

    Round 3 Vote?

    Did ExPo and Cooper give up on the contest? The Round 3 vote is 4 days late getting started already. Are you okay, Brian? Should we call Uncle LEO for a Code 4 check?
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    Cooper Discoverer: The Canadian Border Crossing

    “You’re doing it again,” she said. “Arthur didn’t say to turn and you turned right. Where are you going?” My wife was right. Arthur was right. I was wrong for turning right… But it felt good because there were mountains to the right, dirt roads, trees, and the unknown. It looked...
  12. Hilldweller

    COOPER DISCOVERER: Hilldweller's Roots Discovery Tour

    It was a pleasant day, June 7, 1663, in Ulster County, NY, when suddenly everyone's lives were permanently changed. A tenuous peace had suddenly ended and the Second Esopus War had begun with the sacking of Hurley, a small village near Kingston. The Esopus warriors were successful in their...
  13. Hilldweller

    Lycan Powerbox Yi Li from Renogy Solar ( ) pinged me about a new crowd-funded thing their doing. I think it fits our general overlanding I others might find it interesting...
  14. Hilldweller

    Happier Camper

    Small, light. Pretty neat. I can't find dims in the FAQs. Doesn't look like it's the most tall guy friendly trailer on the market but they do say that an "offroad" version is in the works. I find it aesthetically appealing. Doubt it would fit in the garage though.
  15. Hilldweller

    Vintage Jeeps

    @Omix-Ada (Rugged Ridge) in Suwanee, GA. Incredible. Simply incredible. Thanks for the tour, Dave. Chris - Scott, OJ needs to go here and do a pictorial. Take them out on the trail and do a photo shoot. They said they'd entertain the idea.... ...and I'm at your disposal to pilot one...
  16. Hilldweller

    Little Guy Teardrops on New Reality Show

    I'm sulking just a little bit that they didn't call me or Scott B. to be on this show.... Both of us with some skills, both of us local, both of us with Little Guys...
  17. Hilldweller

    Gidget Trailer from OZ

    Has anybody seen this thing? Available in the US?
  18. Hilldweller

    JW Speaker Model 8700 J LED headlight for JK Wrangler

    JW Speaker, my favorite headlight manufacturer, is raising the bar once more with their upcoming release of the "J" model for Jeep Wrangler JKs. A simple plug and play --- no adapter needed, no "flicker-kicker". Click for their new Brochure and turn to page 5. So, the real question for me...
  19. Hilldweller

    Where to get big Pelican cases?

    Anybody know a good/economical source for plus-sized Pelicans? We need to replace our aging herd of crates that we ship laptops around in. Ideally they'd hold 6 laptops and some associated swag.
  20. Hilldweller

    20% off Duluth for Xmas

    They sent me a "sharecode" discount thingie that I thought I'd pass along. I'm a big fan of Duluth gear: