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  1. Hilldweller

    Camp Stove Griddle Plate Recommends.
  2. Hilldweller

    Used Conqueror future?

    Chris had a Base Camp --- Lance now and some sort of big travel trailer. Dendy famously had, what was it... ...Conquest? Then the 440? And now his Airstream. And I went down the teardrop rabbit hole and have an Aliner on order. Kenny had a Compact too. @chips95 --- but he also got a...
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    Used Conqueror future?

    I had two problems with fixing/maintaining my Conqueror ---- non-US sizes on everything. For wheel bearings I had to go to a big bearing house and eyeball replacements; it worked. And the power converter. Jeez, when it fried I just pulled it out and rewired the entire trailer. I just put in...
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    Santa Koz; love it.
  5. Hilldweller

    Have you made your own DIY propane hose for a camp stove?

    Links? I'd sure like a quick connect hose that connects directly to my Stansport 3 burner.
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    Avoiding virus during 10-day trip

    FWIW, we did four 9-day camping trips last year and lots of shorter ones. Have 4 more booked for this year and have done two shorter ones already. We use most of the mentioned mitigations, have plenty of 75% spray and Lysol wipes handy, masking when appropriate. We're also both vaxxed. I got my...
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    Perfect Camp Stove Griddle?

    I found this at Walmart years ago and was using it on my range at home that has 5 burners. Goes over three perfectly. Coated aluminum that cleans up easily with a damp cloth. Here's a pic from Saturday while camping. Sorry it's fuzzy; was really really early and barely light out.
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    Love it. George Jetson's RTT mounted on Fred Flintstone's car.... Come by the lab and show it to me. I'll even let you buy me lunch across the street. ;)
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    Can I get some advice on what to look for? Camper for 2 people and a dog

    Well, I'm planning to trade in my teardrop in a few weeks and I'm getting an Aliner. I'd prefer to sell it to somebody who'll use it and love it like we have. It's a big teardrop and has worked for us. I'm 6'5", wife is 5'5", and dog is 55#. Trailer is 6x10 with a 68x78 bed (nearly king...
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    Maybe he knows a bed-wetter?
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    Thoughts on this trailer power system.

    A dude in the office next to mine built-out an old church bus as his new "home" at the start of COVID. He used Tesla batteries --- headed out from here for Canada. Haven't heard from him since...
  12. Hilldweller

    Thoughts on this trailer power system.

    Watch the video in my other post. I'm going to install a LiFePo4, chuck the stock WFCO, install a PD4045KA.
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    Down Comforters

    We use a couple of polypropylene fleece blankets and an old comforter. Temp regulation, fleece-on/fleece-off. Fleece works when wet too. Costco blankets rock.
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    Stealth Off The Grid (trailer name) trailer? It looks like a good idea but I wonder how well it would be put together. Lots of solar and lots of LiFePo4 on a quality camper would be...
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    Thoughts on this trailer power system.

    I'm shopping for power and am considering LiFePo4
  16. Hilldweller

    Thoughts on this trailer power system.

    I'm not familiar with those products but am curious about the batteries --- flooded?
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    Simple Renogy Suitcase Solar Panel Mod

    I just prop mine up with a chunk of log.
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    Tired of all the "huge" RTT's. So I made my own.

    The topper, in basic trim, is only 170 pounds though. Svelt for a topper.
  19. Hilldweller

    Arriving in April

    Making coffee inside on a 12 degree morning...