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  1. patoz

    This is why you never use a trailer ball as an attachment point for a snatch rope or strap!

    Man dies trying to tow car from ditch in rural Rice County Posted FEB 25 2019 03:32PM CST MORRISTOWN TOWNSHIP, Minn. (FOX 9) - A man died after he suffered a severe head injury while trying to tow his car out of a ditch Sunday in southern Minnesota. According to the Rice County Sheriff's...
  2. patoz

    Fire at Blue Sea Systems Facility

    It looks like they had a fire at their facility on November 10, 2018 which started at 2:02 am. Fire destroys Blue Seas Systems building After warehouse fire, Bellingham manufacturer looking for new home “It was built in 2000, before current fire codes required a sprinkler system.” I...
  3. patoz

    Self-Inflating Caravan Trailer

    This is interesting, but at $21,500 it's somewhat expensive for my taste! This Self-Inflating Caravan Will Change the Way You Camp Forever See the rest:
  4. patoz

    The Latest New Gear Expo 2016 Review

    Aussies have all the cool stuff! I wish we had something like this in the USA. There are links to some of the gear in the description here.
  5. patoz

    DECKED Truck Bed Storage System Test and Review

    DECKED Truck Bed Storage System Test and Review As some of you know, I was selected by the good folks at DECKED to test, evaluate, and review one of their In-Vehicle Storage Systems. In my case the vehicle is a 2004 Ford F250 Super Duty 4x4, Super Cab and a 6’9” bed with an A.R.E. Z-Series...
  6. patoz

    Toyoda Model AA: Finding the world’s oldest Toyota

    Technically, this was Toyota's first passenger car, but considering the roads back in the late 30's overseas, this was used as much off-road as it was on road. And check out the ground clearance under this thing! Toyoda Model AA: Finding the world's oldest Toyota Read the rest: Toyoda Model...
  7. patoz

    Point Five Ambo Build

    Hi guys, I have a 1993 E350, 7.3 diesel engine, Type III Ambulance, built by Wheeled Coach. It is almost identical to the Belafonte Build with a few minor differences, such as the type of warning lights, etc. His build thread has been a great help to me because if I wanted to know what was...
  8. patoz

    KiraVan - The Most Insane Truck Ever Built

    The Most Insane Truck Ever Built and the 4-Year-Old Who Commands It Read the entire story: This guy built this so he could take his 4 y/o daughter Kira camping.