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  1. dirtdobberoffroad

    New to me.

    Just to start I dont know a ton about rifles. Everything I need to hunt I can do with a shotgun but recently I thought I would pick up a rifle. My bro in law said he found a deal on a rifle... he is a deer hunter and he buys alot so I figured he knows enough......and he's cheap so if he said it...
  2. dirtdobberoffroad

    Dirtdobber's 03 Suburban 1500

    Hello all, I left expo for a while but now I'm back. I picked up a 2003 suburban LT last August from an old fella for cheap, I was needing something to get me to and from my fishing spots and the wife was tired of me tearing the valance off the minivan, I was planning on starting the build then...
  3. dirtdobberoffroad

    Another 4x4 van plan

    Ok I am making this thread so I don't hi-jack some one else' thread. I am a newbe to the overland thing always wanted to do it so what I am gonna try to build is a E1,2,or 350 van. First off what would be the best for overland adventure gas or diesel? My problem is I can only find gas burners...