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  1. Purple People Eater

    1969 FJ40 in Twin Falls, ID

    A medic I work with is selling his 1969 Land Cruiser. I told him I'd post it up here. Contact him via the ad, not me. Thanks guys.
  2. Purple People Eater

    iPhone SLR mount

    I wonder if this would be worth investing in. Looks really friggin' cool. Here's the link. ... An iPhone SLR mount.
  3. Purple People Eater

    WTB: FJ60 wheels and tires

    I'm looking for a set of 4 or 5 60 series wheels and tires, no matter the condition. OEM preferred, but will consider other options. I'm in Phoenix. Contact via PM...
  4. Purple People Eater

    1984 G-Wagen on ebay

    Here's the link... So purdy...
  5. Purple People Eater

    Potential Project, requesting advice

    I have acquired a Land Cruiser. I believe an '86. FOR FREE. The question is, is it salvageable? Friends of the family have had this thing sitting on their 200,000+ acre ranch up in Wyoming for about 10 years. I don't know if it runs (although the keys are still in the ignition), and the...
  6. Purple People Eater

    1984 G-Wagen 260 on eBay

    Saw this on eBay, thought I would share. It's ExPo white... 1984 Gelandewagen 260
  7. Purple People Eater

    Canon 20D body only, many extras

    SOLD!!!! I have inherited a camera from my great uncle. I spoke with my grandmother about selling the body to put towards a newer model, and she was enthusiastic about it. I have decided to keep the 16-35mm lens that came with it to fit on my next camera. Included in the lot is: -Canon EOS...
  8. Purple People Eater

    ARB Simpson II: Sun-eaten straps

    I am the proud owner of an ARB Simpson II. The first few months of ownership have been great, but I have run into a problem. I kept the tent on top of the XJ all summer and the Arizona sun just ate the black nylon straps that hold the cover down and they have become so brittle, they've broken...
  9. Purple People Eater

    Leonard Nimoy's 1994 RRC

    Obviously not mine, but this is cool. Link to eBay.
  10. Purple People Eater

    BajaRack Mule

    I have a BajaRack Mule I need to sell. I do not have the mounting brackets, but SOAZ has a thread on here selling just the mounting brackets for $30. $100 firm, couple that with SOAZ's mounts for $30, and you have yourself a nice roof rack. Don't want to ship, sorry. Pick up in Chandler, AZ
  11. Purple People Eater

    WAECO Coolmatic 50

    I picked this fridge up used at the Overland Expo from a guy here on the Portal (sorry, I forgot who you are). I paid $400 for it, and never really used it, just plugged it in on my counter at home for a few days to test it. It works great, and the Danfoss compressor is still running strong...
  12. Purple People Eater

    Used Waeco or new Whynter?

    I have in my possession an almost new, used twice Whynter 45qt fridge, and a couple years old Waeco 50qt. Okay, here's the deal. The Whynter sometimes has trouble staying cold enough. I lost a 1/2 gallon of milk at the expo because it got up to 51 degrees for who knows how long. I think...
  13. Purple People Eater

    Reasonably priced O/U .12 gauge?

    I'm considering a trip to Iowa for some pheasant hunting. I have a Remington 870 and I'm looking to upgrade. What are some reasonably priced over-under double barrels, less than $850, if they exist? I don't want a cheap gun, but I'd like a good value. A beginner double-gun, per se. What is...
  14. Purple People Eater

    PHX Craigslist: 1997 Jeep Comanche

    A beautiful truck, looks like this guy put lots of time into it. Very clean looking. Not mine, yada yada...
  15. Purple People Eater

    WTB used 35/40 qt fridge

    I'm in the market for a fridge for my Jeep, but I don't want to / can't spend $800. If you're thinking about upgrading, I'll take your used one off your hands to make the next one easier to buy. It has to be in halfway decent condition, though. Shoot me a PM. Cheers! - Bobby
  16. Purple People Eater

    2002 Tacoma on Phoenix CL

    2002 Tacoma on Phoenix Craigslist. Not mine... Clickie here.
  17. Purple People Eater

    Tonto Recreational Alliance

    Seems like a good group of people. They're having a meeting on September 1 at 7 pm in Mesa AZ if anyone is interested in what they're doing. .
  18. Purple People Eater

    SYE for the 242 TC. Does it exist?

    I am hours away from purchasing a 3" Old Man Emu suspension system for my 2001 Jeep Cherokee. If I were to get any vibrations, I want to install a slip yoke eliminator. After researching for a while, all I've been able to find are the hack-n-tap versions for my 242 transfercase. Is this safe...
  19. Purple People Eater

    Cotton = The Devil?

    The touch... the feel... of cotton... The fabric of our lives. School me on this subject. In what situations is cotton acceptable to wear on what part of your body? I know it's not really choice stuff for socks in the winter, but what about jeans? And all of my undershirts are cotton as...
  20. Purple People Eater

    1988 d90

    With a little bit of love, this Defender could probably end up being really nice. No affil, blah blah... Craigslist link. <-- Click it.