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  1. jdlobb

    Options for flat-sided storage boxes?

    What options are out there for storage boxes that have flat sides, like the FrontRunner Wolf/Cub Packs and Alu-boxes? Doesn't necessarily have to be waterproof like those. Something that maximizes interior space would be ideal, it doesn't have to necessarily be as sturdy as a wolf pack.
  2. jdlobb

    Ideas for Re-purposing spare tire storage?

    I'm going to be putting a full-sized spare on my roof rack soon, and looking to do some serious upgrades to the storage area of my 5-seat 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport. Once the spare is on the roof, this leaves a TON of empty space below the load area, and given that the Disco Sport already...
  3. jdlobb

    Hardware for mounting axe and shovel to roof basket?

    I'm looking for a solution for attaching my axe and shovel to my Rhino-rack XTray basket. Basically just need something that locks to a 1/2" pipe on one side, and can hold the axe/shovel handle on the other, but I'm not sure where to start looking.
  4. jdlobb

    Let's talk about buckets

    Since I'm gonna be spending a lot of time in National Parks here in a few weeks, and have been buying various bits of kit like crazy, my thoughts turned to the ol' requirement to carry an axe, shovel, and bucket, in federally managed wilderness. (i don't know if this is actually law or just best...
  5. jdlobb

    WTB: 1 wheel, 18"x8", 5 x 108mm, 45mm offset

    I need 1 wheel with the following specs, any style or make will do, it's just for a full-sized spare. Inexpensive as possible. Size: 18" x 8" (width between 7.5" and 9" are acceptable) Bolt Pattern: 5 lug x 108mm Offset: 45mm
  6. jdlobb

    Help me understand: How does a fridge not drain away your battery?

    Sorry if this is covered in other threads, but I have been looking and missed it. I'm interested in adding a fridge, probably one of the moderately priced ones, my eye is currently on the Indel B TB31. But i'm a little terrified of waking up in the morning and not being able to start my truck...
  7. jdlobb

    How tf do I replace the O2 sensor on a 100-series with DT headers?

    My '98 cruiser threw a code a while ago for a bad O2 sensor. I bought the part, and went to replace the bad sensor....only to discover that because a previous owner installed fancy Doug Thorley headers....the f-in O2 sensor is danged near impossible to access. Is there any way to get this thing...
  8. jdlobb

    Out with the Cruiser in with the Rover

    After many months of deliberation and shopping and soul searching I gave my 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser to my brother, and purchases for myself a 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport. Obviously not expecting it to be the beast that the Cruiser was, but so far I have been nothing but impressed with my...
  9. jdlobb

    Klean Kanteen: Stainless Steel Bottles

    So I just got a great deal on a couple of 40oz wide mouth bottles by Klean Kanteen. Does anybody else have experience with this brand? I've been looking for a good stainless steel alternative to Nalgene bottles for a while that wasn't outrageously expensive. any feedback on how long you...
  10. jdlobb

    Favorite "silly" little detail on your Land Cruiser?

    Obviously we all have strong feelings one way or another about big things like engines, suspension, axels, diffs, etc. But what is your favorite, or least favorite seemingly inconsequential thing on your Land Cruiser? For me it's the cargo area windows that flare out. My least favorite are...
  11. jdlobb

    Oshkosh P-19 Crash Truck So this has gone up for sale. I've spent countless hours driving one of these vehicles and have to say it's one of the most capable off-roading vehicles I've ever seen. It would be absolutely AMAZING to convert one...
  12. jdlobb

    Cool uses for medium Pelican cases? 1150 and similar

    I have a Pelican 1150 that needs a new purpose. I just scored a new set of foam for cheap, so I'm starting from scratch. Don't really need a camera case. I saw somewhere somebody that had turned it into a bar set, cut out spaces for bottles, glasses, and bar tools. That's that lead contender...
  13. jdlobb

    1998 Land Cruiser - Dallas, TX - $9,000

    It is with a heavy heart but a level head that I must offer my 100 Series Land Cruiser for sale. Previous owner was a family member who is a certifiable car nut who take meticulous care of his vehicles. All major service has been done at Toyota dealerships, where other family member is Service...
  14. jdlobb

    Gauging interest: tire/wheel trade

    So right now my Land Cruiser has a set of 18" wheels from a Tundra, wrapped in Falken Ziex s/tz 275/65-18 tires that are only about 10,000 miles old. This is a great highway set up, and looks really good. I'm curious if anybody might be interested in an even swap for a set of 16" wheels with...
  15. jdlobb

    Need inexpensive battery with a lot of storage, longevity not important

    Does anybody have a recommendation for a "house" battery to use that can store the most aH for the least money. The number of deep cycles it can stand is not important, it is only temporary and will probably only get used a couple of times.
  16. jdlobb

    Autocad design of 100-series cargo area?

    I know this may be an odd question, but does anybody have an autocad or other rendering of the interior of the cargo area of the 100 series? If not I'm going to be setting out to take as many measurements as necessary to start working on something like this in order to facilitate building a...
  17. jdlobb

    A couple of basic questions about the 100 series Land Cruiser

    So now that I've had my 1998 Land Cruiser a couple weeks I'm still trying to get a feel for it and I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can answer. First, what features were standard, common, and rare? My vehicle has Leather seats Locking differential (electronic?) Powered sunroof...
  18. jdlobb

    Disaster Relief Work

    Does anybody volunteer with a disaster relief organization? I recently completed my initial required training for Team Rubicon ( and hope for an opportunity to deploy with them in the future. I grew up doing disaster relief through Civil Air Patrol during junior...
  19. jdlobb

    Bare minimum upgrades for hundy for light/moderate off-road use

    So I just got my '98 Land Cruiser last weekend, and I'm trying to plan out my build. I'm looking take it out for her first proper trip off road in the spring, so I have some time to plan and save for some upgrades. What would you recommend as the bare minimum I should do, and what are the...