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  1. cdn_xj

    Opinions: Pioneer tool mounting

    Howdy all, I have a '99 Jeep Cherokee with a full length ARB roof basket and am trying to decide on how to mount my spade, clay pick, and axe. I've acquired a Carter T-handle spade and a clay pick with the steel collar a la Camel Trophy as well as the Land Rover mounts for them. I was...
  2. cdn_xj

    Add yet another XJ to the list. :)

    Greetings from Vancouver, BC. :) After several years of slumming with the rockcrawlers and autocrossers (jk!) I've decided that bouncing off of boulders and trees non-stop is a little more than I'm willing to deal with. I figure getting old will do that to a person. :) Anywho, I bought my...