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  1. MOguy

    Comfortable sleeping bag

    I am sure this has been disccsed before, I did do a search and found nothing really helpful. I am looking for a sleeping bag that is warm and comfortable. I am 6 foot 190lbs and want some room to move around in. I have a decent "mummy bag" but it just isn't comfortable for me. I prefer the...
  2. MOguy


    I've had the same handheld compass for decades, but I have to step away from a Jeep to use the. Anybody know of a decent option that I can mount in my Jeep. I see lots of options but all of them have poor reviews. Anybody know of a decent Compass I can use inside a vehicle. I am not looking...
  3. MOguy

    Off road hitch

    I have seen complete hitches (vehicle and trailer side) that allow for more articulation. Does anybody make a hitch for just the vehicle side so you don't have to change the hitch on the trailer?
  4. MOguy

    In vehicle Navigation system

    I just got a new car. We will take road trips in it but not necessarily "overlanding". It has a nav system built into it. Is there any advantage to using this as compared to an app on my smart phone? The car is a 2019 Camry XLE. I had a Nav stem in my 2011 Acadia Denali that offered me less...
  5. MOguy

    2015 or 2016 Rav4

    I am think about a Rav4. I won't be using it off-road, more on shorter road trips and just running around. Anybody here have one? do you like it? It will be replacing a Acadia Denali. I don't need that big of a vehicle anymore and won't be towing anything with it. I want smaller, better...
  6. MOguy

    My adventure trailer

    It is a little different than most. It is 5x10, spring over axle on 33s. It has the same size tire and rim with same bolt pattern as my Jeep. I can load one in load the kayaks or gear independently.
  7. MOguy

    Power inverter vs generator

    I understand if you only need a small amount of power an inverter is fine but if you needs/wants are greater (microwave, coffee pot, AC or heat...) when would want a Generator vs an inverter? I have can take a generator for comfy camping if wanted, why would somebody choose a one over the other?
  8. MOguy

    Large insta tent

    I am looking to a 3 or 4 room large Insta tent. Not for cold weather. Any recommendations?
  9. MOguy

    2k quiet gendrators

    Honda and Yamaha both make a 2k quiet generator as do many other off brands. Most are about half the price. I would assume most will be crap but it seems Generac makes one for less. Anybody have any experience with 2k quiet generators?
  10. MOguy

    Stereo question (not sure if this is the right place)

    Time to update. Is there a stereo/amp setup I can run off my smart phone without the need of a head unit? I have my navigation, FM chip, Pandora, downloaded music... all in my little smart phone, do I really need a head unit any more. I am in a TJ, I have an old school stereo. Big amp taking...
  11. MOguy

    People think pulleys increase pulling power.

    After having a discussion recently I have realized many don't understand how to use a pulley to increase pulling power (mechanical advantage). I seems many people believe buy using a pulley you automatically increase the capability of your recovery setup. It can but you have to rig it...
  12. MOguy

    Wood vs Steel

    I see allot of people with wood slides outs, cabinetry and drawers. Why do people favor wood over steel? Wood seems so much heavier and thicker than steel would have to be.
  13. MOguy

    Good 22R and some Cabs 1986 and 1988

    I have a complete regular cab for a 1986 Toyota P/U 4X4 in pretty good shape (no rust), with title. $375. No hood or passenger fender but will through in hood and fender from below for that price. I complete regular cab for a 1988 P/U minus the front clip in not so good shape, cab has some...
  14. MOguy

    1986 22R and 1986 V6 Toyota 4x4 P/U parting out

    I have almost everything from both trucks. A lot of the stuff is in very good shape and reusable. I have axles, Transmissions, transfer cases driveshafts, a very good 22RE that has been converted to a carburetor, too many parts to list. I am in 65570 zip code. I'm having problems posting pics...
  15. MOguy

    who has put a 2200R into a 1988 pickup V6 frame

    I have a 2200R and want to put it into a 4x4 P/U frame from a 1986. Motor mounts don't line up. Any suggestions?
  16. MOguy

    Rebuilding a 1986 and 1988

    I have a wrecked 1986 2200r and I got a 1988 3.0 Toyota 4x4 P/U. The 86 was wrecked. Front passenger side and frame in that area destroyed. It took out the fender (outer and inner cab attached), the electrical boxes their, the batter and everything else in that area. The motor trans and...
  17. MOguy

    Tires: Falken at3w

    Anybody running Falken at3w. I am looking for a less aggressive tire. I do want a stronger sidewall. Falken claims their ATs have a stronger sidewall. I was all set on some ******** Cepek extreme but they don't seem to be available anywhere...
  18. MOguy

    Coolant goes to reservoir but not back to radiator

    I have a 2004 4runner v6. The coolant flows into the reservoir but not back to the radiator. I got a new radiator cap from a Toyota dealer and it is still doing it. Would a bad thermostat cause this?
  19. MOguy

    Ozark Trail/Walmart camping equipment

    There is a very good post here that goes into detail about "Ozark Trail" coolers. Ozark Trail is Wall-Mart and one would assume lower quality then other higher dollar items. I suspect for many or us that a lower dollar alternative would be welcome for various reasons. I will start...
  20. MOguy

    Battery operated impact driver vs. pneumatic

    I read about people wanting an onboard air systems capable of handling pneumatic tools and all the expense and hassle that goes along with it. I just wanted to through this out there as an option. I have had this Dewalt impact wrench for a few months and it continues to impress me. It does not...