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    A Blue Maggiolina Grand Tour

    This is the tent on my JKUR. The RTT was built 12/23/2008. Haven't had a chance to use it yet, been too busy doing tours in Baja. But looks to be unused or maybe slightly used. The story was a missionary had it for a South American trip and didn't use it. It was put in storage and the guy I...
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    A Blue Maggiolina Grand Tour

    Will do Mike, when I get back from the Baja 500 in a week. It is missing a few features of the newer tents and would like to upgrade if possible. Also has a bad zipper. Nothing major but will want to get it fixed. Thanks
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    A Blue Maggiolina Grand Tour

    Well this tent has been sold. I just got back home from picking it up. I think it may have been on a car once. But the inside was never used. Everything is in new condition and the tags are still on all stuff inside. The outside has some scrapes on the paint. It was custom painted on the...
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    If that was for me, I spent $10 @ the carwash to spray all the dirt off before I started. Still had to hand wipe a lot of dirt and mud to get it right.
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    Got the rear lifted today. The front is for tomorrow. Only 5000 miles on the Jeep and one of the stock Rubi shocks was leaking. :Wow1:
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    What did you do to your Expo Jeep today?

    Got the AEV 3.5 lift and getting ready to install on the JKUR. Don't like Bilsteins, so I'm going with a beefier dampener.
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    Yokohama Geolander P265/70 R17: good compromise between overlanding and daily drive?

    I ran those tires (Yokohama's)on my Dodge 2500 diesel for about 5 years. Many miles in baja and DD. They held up pretty good. The only weak point in them was the thin sidewall. To give a better ride on the street. Punctured a few in the really nasty stuff. I have to say for the price I paid for...
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    explore alone?

    I've ridden Motorcycles all over by myself, driven in a lot of places alone. But as I get older I find it more fun to go with at least one more vehicle. Mainly to just to have someone to enjoy the ride with. But I have no problem going it alone. I do prefer trails that are more likely to be run...
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    best suspension for washboard roads

    If you can drop $4500 for suspension then the Icon would be a great way to go. But I think you would need to do a lot of other work to keep from breaking other things. As far as shocks go, I plan on using the AEV 3.5 lift. My experience with Bilsteins has not been favorible. They are usually...
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    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD - 2010 Conqueror Commander - Only One in the US (PRICE DROP)

    Just a few questions. How hard have you off-roaded this trailer? And how did it handle? From the RR's you posted with it the trails seem pretty mellow. That is not meant to offend, but I am looking for something that can take Baja and beyond. How long does it take take to fully set up and...