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    Sold - 2017 Conqueror 390, $10,000

    The what - 2017 Conqueror 390 Price - $11,500 with a brand new Alucab Shadow Awn, $10,000 without it. The location - North Carolina Condition - Used, but excellent Title in hand Only reason for selling is I am under a time crunch. My brother is a combat disabled veteran who recently...
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    5th gen Warn low profile winch bumper NIB $̶7̶5̶0̶ $550

    Decided to go another route. The box was opened, inspected and closed. Never mounted, has all hardware. Space between bar will allow a 20" light bar to be mounted. Only requires the plastic at the center bottom of the 4runner grill to be trimmed to fit, no cutting metal etc. Paid $750 for this...
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    Need some help. Does anyone know this 4runner (trd pro, rack, lights, winch)

    Need some help, wanting to see if someone has some background on this 4runner. It's a 16 trd pro, fuel wheels, nitto tires. As I am not a Toyota person I am unsure of the mfg of the rack and the bumper. Can anyone identify who makes these? It has rock rails too but the pics of them sucked so I...
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    New Jerry Cans, acetone/paint smell?

    I've got two new EU made jerry can's and need to know if I have to do anything to them before I put fuel in them? I cleaned out the metal shavings in them, filled them with water to test for leaks and they are good to go. Now maybe this is normal for these but the smell coming out of these...
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    National Luna (90L) vs Snomaster (85L)

    Have an arb 50qt but I will be needing something bigger for longer trips. Know the NL reputation, have read the reviews from the US to Australia etc so I know they are like the gold standard so to speak. I am however not familiar with snomaster. Have only seen one in the flesh and it was owned...
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    Northstar or Odyssey for trailer/solar application? Other options to consider?

    I need two AGM batteries for a trailer that will power a large fridge, led lights, run a 1000w inverter, charge small electronics etc. I am undecided on the solar setup but it will be around 150/200w. I'll have power coming from the jeep while in transit. After looking here and elsewhere I am...
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    Sams club (Cali Innovations) soft 30L cooler

    Didn't know if anyone else had seen these. Know there had been discussions on the other CI (walmart) coolers. Saw these today at my local sams club, grabbed one to test
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    Passing along, NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp $40 bucks off on amazon

    Have one of these already and noticed it had gone down from the normal $199.95 to $159.98 I've used mine for everything from charging phones and tablets to jumping my boat and other batteries. Has a ton of different connections you can get for it. Can't speak to the long term durability of it as...
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    Mattress topper research, sam's club etc

    Just passing info along as we are investigating something to supplement and/or replace the god awful mattress that came with our RTT. Don't know if RTT mattresses vary in quality from company to company but IMO it should be an option to just not even get one and save the money. Moving on. Had...
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    Anyone running a front runner outfiters slimline II roof rack JK or JKU

    Need to know if anyone has installed or had installed this roof rack: It doesn't have to specifically be for a 2016 JKUR but within the 2007-current model years...
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    Measurements needed please JK 2.5 lift w lower profile roof racks for RTTs

    As the title suggests (and yes I searched multiple forums including this one) I am looking for someone to do some quick measuring for me on their JKUR. I need to know the highest point on their jeep. I want to add a small lift no more than 3" to my JK with a tire size of either 33 or 35...