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  1. TangoBlue

    The OFFICIAL Overland Expo EAST 2014 Thread!

    I believe part of the reason may very well be for the safety of your vehicle. Most automobiles have relatively low clearance and 2WD. Since this is a working farm with pastures not composed of packed soil and subject to rain (predicted on Friday), compounded with varying gradients I think this...
  2. TangoBlue

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser Today?

    If you know Jon you know that not all the bulbs are lit in his chandelier... ;)
  3. TangoBlue

    Rickashay's 97' LX450 - "Tom Cruiser" Build Thread

    Nice job Addison. I remember going through Frank Slide on my way up to Calgary... tragic story.
  4. TangoBlue

    Rickashay's 97' LX450 - "Tom Cruiser" Build Thread

    I recognize that truck Addison... I'll be watching your efforts and your mania slowly develop. ;)
  5. TangoBlue

    Suture Kit?

    For those interested in the whole product advertisement beyond a picture that Mr. Cartridge provided, this is extracted from Adventure Medical's website -- "Designed to fit inside the World and Smart Travel kits, the Suture/Syringe Medic is a necessity for any trips to locations where sterile...
  6. TangoBlue

    Replacing the front seats on a 1st gen Tacoma

    Good job! How much did the seats cost?
  7. TangoBlue

    Suture Kit?

    Yeah, Mr. Cartridge, I get the message - I've lived and worked with those host nation medical providers in Southwest and Southeast Asia for much of my career. Politics and judgement have nothing whatsoever with what I mentioned earlier and I'm flabbergasted that's your take away. My problem...
  8. TangoBlue

    Suture Kit?

    So in this third world country with an absence of modern Western medical supplies... who gets the "sterile bits" you've collected in this disaster situation with an anticipated large number of casualties? How do you decide who gets the good stuff? All these bits of medical kit you've...
  9. TangoBlue

    Suture Kit?

    Her situation is "special." Just get her the damned sutures and let her go crazy... she's going to ignore experienced professional advice anyway. Look at the bright side -- job security!
  10. TangoBlue

    Alaska... Mosquito Repellent. Spray, Patch, home remedy what works best???

    100% DEET for topical application to your skin; Permethrin for clothing. Outstanding results, world-wide, in my experience.
  11. TangoBlue

    The JATAC: A self-contained, solar-powered expedition vehicle

    Yeah, what he said! That was a beaut of a ute... and that brake-over angle and side entrance. Pretty sweet.
  12. TangoBlue

    Tacoma re-design: Predictions?

    Why not a "One World Truck?" At one time the Toyota truck offered on the US was basically a HILUX platform and was made popular for its size, economy, and payload. Today there are multiple truck lines offered in different market regions. A re-design of the Tacoma incorporating the best of the...
  13. TangoBlue

    Jeep Parts for surviving a zombie attack!

    That "article" doesn't belong...
  14. TangoBlue

    Land Cruiser 200 Ute Bed

    Crikey! And exy... Cheaper to convert a LC200GS to a tray-back.
  15. TangoBlue

    Land Cruiser 200 Ute Bed

    I wonder how many Tundra crew cabs are sold every year in Australia where this LC200 conversion was performed? Uh, zero maybe?
  16. TangoBlue

    Who had the fancy, black, all-metal shovels for sale at OX?

    The welded aluminum ones, powder coated black, with a t-head handle? Don't think I saw it... ;) No, Sportsmobile had it...
  17. TangoBlue

    New armored Hilux for US forces

    It's the Hula-girl on the dash and the dingle-balls on the front windshield headliner that drives up the price.
  18. TangoBlue

    Lipstick on a Pig: The 10 Don'ts of Vehicle Modifications

    It's clearly brilliant - I did it a couple years ago.
  19. TangoBlue

    So we went to the Overland Expo...

    Were we at the same event at Mormon Lake? I was there from Thursday to Monday and I recall seeing several Nissan's there from Patrols, Frontiers, and X-Terra's daily. Although not the dominate vehicle they were there in quantifiable numbers. Of particular note was the diesel Patrol... [lust]...