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    Window Tint

    aloha everyone, once again its about to get ass hot here in PHX. i was wondering what tints everyone is using to block heat build up in your vehicles. im not looking for dark/blackout tint, just keeping the heat out so my two monkeys dont cook in their carseats while the ac is cooling down the...
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    Tactical4x4 Duel fuel carrier option

    aloha, anyone here with the the dual fuel can carrier?... thoughts and opinions? mahalo
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    12’LR4 Extended Warranty?

    Aloha, I have a 12’ LR4 that was a CPO with 48K on it. It’s about to hit 100K in a month and thinking of extended warranty coverage. It was just in for engine coolant leak from water pump and one other spot that was fully covered which is a great thing. This is our only vehicle so it’s our...
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    Nemo Stargaze Luxury Recliner

    Anyone out there have this chair and if so, what are your thoughts?... I'm looking into buying 2 camp chairs for my wife and I and was originally looking at Helinox Sunset chair. REI has a 20% discount running now that makes the Nemo the same price as the Helinox.
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    Ensenada Mexico Trip for young family of 4

    Aloha, Thinking of taking a trip to Ensenada area or around that has surf spots. My question is, how safe is it to leave my wife and monkeys 4 and 2 on the beaches? We are originally from HI and leaving a camp site on the beach is pretty safe except for the random crackhead that will try and...
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    LEAF Arcteryx GEN2 Alpha Set

    Aloha, Would anyone be interested in a slightly used set Black LEAF Arcteryx Alpha Jacket and Pant GEN2 both in size Medium? If so, PM and I'll email pics. My uploader is not responding. Also, if this is the wrong place let me know and I'll move it.
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    Windshield wiper sprayer

    Not gonna BS... how the F*&# do I clean those little bastards so they spray where they were engineered to?... one dribbles out and the other cleans my RTT. Mahalo for the help and wise-*** comments :)
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    Trekboxx?... Anyone interested in this setup for their LR3/4?... Spoke with the owner and he says if there's enough interest he could look into it. Personally, this is something I've envisioned but have no skills to build :)
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    Compomotive issues

    Aloha everyone, Anyone else out there experience this on their wheels?... We just had our LR4 washed/waxed and detailed yesterday evening and this morning we noticed this. Spoke with Compomotive and they say it looks like either some type of chemical was applied or abrasive. I'm waiting to hear...
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    BFG KO2 pressure for snow and ice

    Aloha Everyone, I'll be driving in a few days with my family into areas with snow and ice :/ Not going to lie but I've never done this in all 39yrs of my life. LR4 has at least an additional +150lb gear, RTT and awning are permanently attached. We aren't going off road just driving around and...
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    LR4 Aluminum Roof replacement?...

    Aloha, Question for everyone... Anybody replace there Glass roof and rear windows with stock LR aluminum? I know they make them for tradesmen in Europe and I believe Australia. My LR4 is developing a crack in the glass over the 3rd row seat and will be replacing in the future. In all honesty...
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    Lake shore camping in AZ Fall/Winter?

    And I'm back... I've been doing some last minute research and did not realize that a lot of camp sites are closed during the Fall/Winter season :( We have 5 days left of vacation and looking for a lakeshore to camp at in AZ using our RTT. Any suggestions where we can do this at?... I know that...
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    Where to park at Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco?...

    I'm back again :) So my wife has thrown out the idea of Rocky point/Puerto Penasco and we've never been. Any suggestions of where to go/park for 2nites/2days? We are taking our 3yr and 1 yr old with us and sleeping in the RTT. Any suggestions, thoughts and/or ideas are greatly appreciated. If...
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    RTT and wet beds :/

    Aloha again everyone! Question?... what is everyone doing about there little ones that are potty trained but still wet the bed at night?... we are about to go on a week adventure and looking for ideas to contain the little mans peepee. Mahalo
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    LR4 and Prospeed...

    Aloha everyone, I'll start by saying that our 2012 LR4 has been great to us and we hope that it will last our young family many years to come and bring us adventured filled memories. With that said, one of the very first upgrades we made to the LR was a Prospeed RR. I went this route after many...
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    Skottle IGT Insert for sale $125

    Aloha, I have a brand new TemboTusk Skottle IGT insert for sale. Brand new and unused. Free shipping within CONUS. Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions OBO. Mahalo
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    Lazer Lights

    Aloha, Anyone with first hand experience with Lazer LED lights from the UK?... Looking at ST4 or RS4 for my LR4 here in the US. Mahalo
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    Lazer Lamps

    Aloha, Any one in the States have Lazer Lamps from the UK and what are your thoughts?... Looking for first hand experiences. Mahalo, Mark
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    2012 LR4 TPMS

    Aloha Everyone, After having put on Compo's and BFGKO2's I've been very happy but they were consistently losing pressure weekly. Had the valve seals replaced put original TPMS. Personally, I really don't care if I have this feature as I check my pressure every Monday. What would be the best way...
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    RTT for family of 4 questions...

    Aloha Everyone! My wife and I are planning on a month long trip on the road/trails with our 2.5 yr old son and 2 month old daughter. We are currently looking at a RTT as we do not know exactly where our adventures will take us so we may not always find a suitable place to setup a ground tent...