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    Upgrading Alternator to charge house batteries faster

    Hi, I have a Ford E-350 camper cutaway with stock 130 amp alternator and 2 - 6V 220ah AGM batteries plus separator. If my engine battery goes dead I have switch I can hold and use the house batteries to jump start the engine battery. I would like to be able to charge the house batteries much...
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    EC Bathroom Layout Question

    With the EC (EarthCruiser) bathrooms layout and location, which requires natures calls to be done in middle of tight living quarters, is there ever problem with odors from usage or while waste stored in toilet? For people with EC's is lack of privacy ever an issue, especially with lady folk...
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    2004 JGC Question - New Jasper engine or rebuilt

    Have a question and was wondering folks thoughts, our 2004 JGC lost compression in #6 cylinder several states away. We are trying to decide if best to spend $6k to get new jasper engine installed or just get rebuilt engine installed for $3,200 - $3,600? Shop has access to local rebuilt engine...
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    ARB Fridge developed strong odor

    Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue, my 3-4 year old ARB Fridge I keep hooked to a house battery in my jeep 24/7 has developed a very strong odor I cannot get rid of. I cleaned out thoroughly let sit for week unplugged with lid up, but when I close the odor slowly comes back even...
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    Ujoint front bumper on E-350 Chinook RV

    Just had Ujoints all aluminum (60lbs) front bumper installed on 2001 E350 super duty Chinook RV. Included is a Rough Country 12-S Winch. Of the 3 lights on each side, the outside lights are Rigid Amber and really bright, the two inside lights are not hooked up due to state law restricting number...
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    Inexpensive vs. Expensive Winch

    Have new bumper with winch plate being installed on 9,500lb Chinook on E-350 van chasis, lifted , dually and good tires. Looking at winches but wondering if I need a real expensive one or would the cheaper units out there suffice. I do not rock crawl, go mudding or look for trouble. I do go...
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    Wood floor install?

    When installing a vinyl wood plank floor in RV used off-road, is it best to have a free floating floor or one glued down? Aloso what is best sound proof/insulation barrier under floor or is it not needed? Thanks
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    RV Propane not flowing

    Hey all, Just recently on my Chinook RV, my propane started not flowing consistently to stove, furnance and probably refrig. It first happened several months ago when I was leaving camp, stove would not start due to no propane getting to it. After driving, I stopped and tried again and it worked...
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    Where to get custom bumper?

    Hi, I have a 2001 Chinook on Ford E-350 Super Duty chasis. I am looking for a new front bumper but cannot find anything off the shelf that really fits my needs. Does anyone know good customer fabricator on east coast, or maybe anywhere that does good work? I might be able to get a MOVE bumper to...
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    Wireless back up cameras

    Mods, feel free to move if this is wrong spot..... Anyone have experience with wireless backup cameras on their rigs? I specifically want to know if they work without connection problems cropping up at wrong time (like when you need them)? Thanks
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    DIY "Move Bumpers"

    Any have experience with Move Bumpers: They actually look pretty good and not too heavy. They are sold in panels with you doing the welding. I saw one on van at recent Expo East but the guy recommended not going with them as he had...
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    Cause of battery drain

    Hello, newbe here, bought Chinook late summer. I have two relatively new group 27 batteries in camper that were checked and filled with water, they were really low, new smart solenoid just installed that feeds from engine battery plus a 45watt solar panel. When I use the batteries, the voltage...
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    Can you bypass computer RPM limiter

    I have a 2014 WK2 with Quadra-Trac II and terrain select. Not long ago was wheelin thru muddy creek bed and on other side it had high shefl I got stuck on. Front wheels got up and over but rear could not get up and over. To get out I tried to increase RPM's up to 1500 and jump out and over but...
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    Corroded battery connector help needed

    I left batteries in my Garmin 60cx, one battery corroded the connector and in taking it out connector broke in half, anyone know easy fix or who could repair something like this? Thanks
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    Safe deflation limit for 275/55/20 tires

    Hi, I was wondering what is effective but safe tire deflation limit for a JGC with Zitto Terra Grappler G2 275/55/20 tires/wheels? I run about 38psi on street. No bead locks. Off-road use is mostly forest roads/unimproved dirt roads, nothing crazy, but some areas have very longer steep hills...
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    Help on rear lift on E350 RV??

    Hi, i have a 2001 e350 dually Chinook RV, 21' at 9700 lbs. rear axle is roughly 6500lb. I bought an Action Van 4.5" front lift and once installed was going to have rear leaf springs made to raise rear, plus put on 235/85/16 tires. Local shop informed me today the spring shop will not make...
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    2wd E-350 Chinook upgrade to 4x4 using "F" series donor

    Hi all, I have a 2001 E-350 V10 Chinook Motorhome (Dually) I am considering upgrading to 4x4. Installer recomends finding a F250 - F350 V10 4x4 donor vehicle and swapping in its 4x4 system. Would I need to look for a 4x4 dually or can I go to SRW? He thinks I can find approp F-250-F350 for $5 -...
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    1994 Camper Van

    Not mine but saw today in southern central VA. Seller asking $2500 or Best Offer, Alot of rust so doubt this spend most of life in South. Very ruff but for cost maybe can be parted out or used for cheap base build.... PS - DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER!
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    Difference between Ford "E" class and "F' class

    Aside from one being a van and one a pickup truck, what are differences between a E-350 and F-350, especially as how it relates to "Overland" type off-road capability? Is one more suited for longer or rougher backroads travel than the other?
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    Tire size recommendation for 2WD Duallie E350 RV

    What size tire do you recommend for a 2WD E350 Duallie RV (10k lbs) that will see a Action Van lift kit (4.5")? Use would be forest/dirt/back woods roads that can get muddy/gravely/potted or short mudholes but no "mudding", will see snow, rarely beaches), no true 4 wheeling.....Rear Locker may...