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    New version of Gaia GPS released

    Brother-- read your rant--- How's the weather back there in the 90's? Your views are just that . . .your views. The subscription based model is the way that everything is going. We see it in software licensing, audio, video, books etc. Software development is no different. The residual...
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    Trailer Hitch Hammock Mount

    How large a hammock (length) will it handle. Most serious hammock guys (the guys that don't Eno Bro') have hammocks from outfitters and cottage industry builders that are 10, 11 and even 12 feet in length.
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    New version of Gaia GPS released

    For you guys complaining about the subscription model--- that's the way the world turns. Almost every major computer application in the us (mainstream) is/will be changing to that model. The renewable cash flow allows for improvements and upgrades and additional feature requests. Come in...
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    Mounts for a 6 lbs Worthington Aluminum Propane Tank

    Blueridge Overland Gear made a really nice "transit bag" for my brother's and mine! The bag protects the bottle, clips it in place and has molle /loops and straps for securing it it in just about any configuration -- inside outside etc.
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    SnoMaster Fridge/Freezer Review

    Have had a SnoMaster Expedition Series 66L for about a year -- been flawless -- love it. Dual compartments, remote monitor, super build quality, quiet, insulated transit bag and run it off my single battery in a 2016 JKU. It really ticks off alot of the boxes when choosing between the other...
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    Wiring run for Fridge-- experts sound-off :)

    This ended up being a battery on its last leg-- replaced with a NorthStar AGM34 and problem solved. Waiting to hear back from snomaster on the other issue which made this issue a challenge to troubleshoot. It seems that if I run the fridge on AC power to cool down overnight and then unplug the...
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    Wiring run for Fridge-- experts sound-off :)

    Guys, I have a 2016 Jeep wrangler 4-door. I have recently added some power distribution to the rear of the vehicle. I come off the factory battery with 4awg marine grade wire-to a Blue Sea Systems re-settable circuit-breaker...then 4 awg cable under the side door trim and into the small space...
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    Tires again ugh

    I have a 2016 JKU with 2.5 inch lift and Toyo AT2 e-rated 10 ply-- 285x75r16. 31000 miles and they still tread check "near new"
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    Help a brother out fellas . . .

    Done a lot of reading and talking to Blue Sea guys, electrical guys and now my head hurts. :) I have a 4-door 2016 that is my overland vehicle. I'd like to run power to the back of it for some distribution and a fridge. I need some help planning this out. Current setup: Usage: I plan on...
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    My 2016 Mojave Sand JKUR

    Any issues with canbus/flickering etc? Do you have the part numbers and place of purchase info? I've been looking at doing the same thing.
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    E rated tires on an Unlimited?

    Toyo ATII - 285x75r16 - Mic dropped . . .
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    FS: Knoxville, TN: Local Pickup/Delivery Only- ARB SkyDome Swag 2P and Extras! K

    Still Available in Knoxville -- Will be able to deliver to Bedford, VA or nearby . . still available . . .will be making a trip to Bedford VA this weekend if anyone is interested! pm me or email me at
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    FS: Knoxville, TN: Local Pickup/Delivery Only- ARB SkyDome Swag 2P and Extras! K

    What part of Virginia? I have to come to bedford in the next couple of weeks...
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    FS: Knoxville, TN: Local Pickup/Delivery Only- ARB SkyDome Swag 2P and Extras! K

    Hi Guys, I have a nearly new ARB Skydome 2P Swag with extra goodies... I bought the shelter with the intent of using it during Overlanding and camping trips. It is indeed awesome! The canvas is bomber and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The canvas has been seasoned in...
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    E rated tires on an Unlimited?

    2016 JKU -- Toyo AT2 285x75r16 E-rated run at 30lbs and T-E-R-R-I-F-I-C !
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    Anyone have Experience with Aussie Swags and Swag Brands Available in the US?

    Arb Skydome 2P here . . . 2016 model USA
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    New Guy looking for a little help-- trailer with platform lift ?

    Hi Guys, Got a great guy local to me that is going to build a trailer for me. I'm thinking about a flatbed trailer with with steel tube sides that come up a to ab say around 3 feet off of the deck. Then I want to have a platform/rack that can be raised/articulated up to the appropriate height...