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  1. boblynch

    XPCamper Updates

    Does anyone know if XPCamper be exhibiting at Overland Expo East next month? Any XP owners planning on attending?
  2. boblynch

    Custom Expedition Canopies

    Do a web search for aluminum flat beds. Also try custom farrier, kennel, and fire brush trucks. When I needed custom boxes for my flatbed I found that shops handle these applications also had the skills and materials to build what you are looking for.
  3. boblynch

    XPCamper Updates

    Congratulations on completion of the prototype. Can't wait to see the floorplan and dimensions.
  4. boblynch

    F450 Flatbed Camper Build -- High and Short vs Low and Long?

    Sorry I missed this post we were on the road in June/July. We did a similar project back with a Lance830 and F550. Feel free to PM me anytime. Look forward to seeing the update.
  5. boblynch

    Earthcruiser vs ATW

    A different way to address the original question would be to prepare two lists. The first is the “what do I want to do list”. What type of travel interests you (extended back country, established campgrounds, etc.), what destinations are high on your list (deserts, mountains, beach, etc.)...
  6. boblynch

    Petition to change 25yr import rules

  7. boblynch

    Well, I broke it.

    I've got dual fuel tanks (50gal gallon midship and 40gal OEM rear) and dual water tanks (stock 30gal and additional 40gal rear) on my F550 camper. As was mentioned previously it's possible to vary your liquid loads based on driving situation. We normally use both fuel tanks for long highway...
  8. boblynch

    Heki skylight and 12 v reefer questions

    We have not had trouble with our 3 way fridge on uneven terrain, but I would still rather have the 12v. Most folks I know with 12v refers have a solar panel on the roof that provides enough power to keep the fridge running 24/7. Agree with Eddie on minimizing roof penetrations. We have a Heki...
  9. boblynch

    CABO 4X4 EXPEDITION BUILD (a 3 to 6 week build)

    We did a similar project with an 08 F550 and Lance 830 (see build thread link in my sig). Feel free to PM me any time. In our experience it was fairly easy to trim to camper skirt and move items up into the camper belly in order to have the camper sit on the flatbed. We kept the space between...
  10. boblynch

    Daily driver tires, suggestions?

    I've got a set of Cooper AT3s on my 2007 4Runner. They have performed very well and I would buy another set without question. I use the vehicle as a daily driver and for light off road duty. The tires perform particularly well in the rain and are quiet on the highway.
  11. boblynch

    Alaskan Camper Build Up

    Am I reading correctly that you're on the second set after only 36K miles on the new truck? I'm at 22K on my first set now. At what tread depth did you replace the 1st set? I agree with your earlier posts on speed and heat. At low speed and heat they seem like they will last forever...
  12. boblynch

    Making a Flatter/Lower Flatbed, ?'s

    Quick clarification - our 2x4s are spring mounted to the frame rails and we do not use wood spacers. The setup is very strong and has served us well. Good luck with the project.
  13. boblynch

    FWC...Any Discounts?

    Which Raven model are you interested in (hard side or popup)? You may want to post a WTB (want to buy) ad in the For Sale section of this Forum. Anyone looking to sell a lightly used FWC might spot it and solve your problem.
  14. boblynch

    Northstar popup on flatbed

    I'll second the suggestion for Fastguns. We use them on our rather large flatbed and they hold the rig in place very well. We use heavy duty rubber mats (designed for horse stalls) on the flatbed and load the camper on top. The mats provide a degree of protection to the camper and flatbed...
  15. boblynch

    FWC dealer ? and customer service

    I was at the dealer in question yesterday. Xtreme Campers in High Point NC was a long time FWC dealer (but are not currently). They've sold many FWC units over the years and continue to service their FWC installed base. I've personally seen FWC rigs at their shop for service, upgrades, etc...
  16. boblynch

    2007 4Runner Upgrades

    Anyone running the Cooper Discoverer A/T3?
  17. boblynch

    2007 4Runner Upgrades

    I really like the benefits of the 255/75R17, but the 265/70R17 offers a much wider tire selection. Wish the BFG ATs were available as a 255 with Black Sidewalls like they are in the MTs. Not a big fan of White.
  18. boblynch

    2007 4Runner Upgrades

    I'm leaning towards the 255/75R17 size vs. 265/70R17. Oddly enough two of my top tire choices (BFG AT and Goodyear DuraTrac) are not offered in that size. Given my high highway miles I'm leaning towards AT vs. MT tires.
  19. boblynch

    2007 4Runner Upgrades

    The tires and shocks on my 2007 4Runner are worn out so I decided to upgrade with a mild lift and taller tires. The vehicle is used as my daily driver, family hauler, and tow vehicle for a small utility trailer. It also sees mild off road use and trips to the beach. I just ordered a Sonoran...
  20. boblynch

    best pop-up truck camper for offroad exploring

    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the upcoming retirement. You might want to add Hallmark to your list for consideration ( Not sure if they build flatbed specific custom units, but they offer a quality product that matches up well with others on your list...