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  1. locrwln

    Colorado 12 volt plug for refrigerator

    Checking to see where you might be hooking up your 12 volt source for powering a refrigerator in your Colorado? I have a platform in the rear cab area for my Waeco 40l and will need to power it. I tried (knowing that the odds were not good) the factory power point in the rear of the center...
  2. locrwln

    WTB 4th Gen 4Runner factory skid plates

    I'm hoping someone close to Reno, Nevada has some factory skid plates (both is possible) from their 4th generation 4Runner lying around that they would like to get rid of. I damaged mine on Saturday and don't want to put aftermarket skids on. That's water from a recent water crossing...
  3. locrwln

    2008 Hawk Four Wheel Camper shell

    I am selling my FWC Hawk camper shell model. It has the standard overhead length, that pulls open to queen size bed. The factory pads were removed as we used our own for the bed. The cabinets are removable if preferred, has space for your chest style refrigerator, and a port-a-potty. The...
  4. locrwln

    17" or 18" rims for travel to South America

    Everyone, I am currently running 17" rims with 285/75R17's, which are 33.8" tall. I am going to be doing some work on my truck and will have to change rims. So my question is should I stay with the 17" size or move to the 18" rim as I can move up to a 285/75R18, which is right at 35" tall...
  5. locrwln

    Turbo for you Jeep

    Banks is finally ready to release their turbo kit for the '05-'06 Jeep 4.0 (for now, other years to follow). +66hp/84lbft torque increases at 6 psi of boost. Supposedly, it makes more torque at 1600 than the stock motor does at it's peak, now that's just good stuff...
  6. locrwln

    A Chevy and FWC make it over Mendel Pass

    As the title states, my wife and I made a little trip to Death Valley. We left Reno on Thursday afternoon and headed south. We traveled down US95 on the Nevada side. We made it to Armagossa Valley, south of Beatty and decided to call it a night. We turned right into the desert out toward the...
  7. locrwln

    Jack's "new" 2006 LJ Rubicon

    So, I had been looking for a Jeep on and off every since I sold my 80. I sold my last Jeep twelve years ago and five Toyotas later, I was ready for a Jeep again. I have been keeping my eyes open for the right one and I found it. I was looking for a 2005-2006 Jeep TJ Unlimited Rubicon. Seeing...
  8. locrwln

    Locrwln's Death Valley trip 2012

    Since the tires were installed on Monday, it felt wrong to not go out and get them dirty, so my wife and I decided that because we had a three day weekend with no other commitments, we might as well give the tires a test (even though I put about 30k on a set of Nitto TG's on my Landcruiser). I...
  9. locrwln

    Magellan Roadmate 1700?

    Has anyone tried the Magellan Roadmate 1700? I know it has a spot for a mini SD card, but not sure if it will display Topo maps, does or has anyone tried it? I like the 7" screen, which Garmin seems very reluctant to build, they act like 5" is all that you will/should need. I would like a...
  10. locrwln

    Reno to Toquima Cave the Hard Way

    So :princess: and I decided that since we had a free weekend, that we should put it to good use. The idea was to head to central Nevada and into the Toiyabe Range. We left on Saturday morning and headed east. We stopped in Fallon for breakfast and to fuel up. We made it to Austin to top of...
  11. locrwln

    Jack's 2007 Chevy with a 2008 FWC Hawk

    I have a build thread going on in the domestic section, but it seemed appropriate to put the camper stuff in the camper section. I found and purchased a 2008 FWC Hawk shell, it was owned by an older couple that bought it new and used it about 8-9 times and it looks new inside and out. It spent...
  12. locrwln

    Locrwln's Truck and Camper combo.

    Since this is a new section and we will need some traffic, I will get started with a short write up on my system. We currently have over 50k miles on our set up. The basics are: 2002 Ford F350, crew cab, long bed, 7.3 psd, 6spd manual, 4x4. XLT, with the camper package which includes the rear...
  13. locrwln

    Factory FZJ80 Differential Lock Shims

    I have a complete set of Differential Shims for regearing a factory locked rear FZJ80 axle. If you are thinking about regearing your factory locked 80, you will need these. The only shim I don't have is part # 90201-79002. Every other shim 79001-79022 is there. Plus I have three loose shims...
  14. locrwln

    Jack's 2007 Chevy Build

    Well, there has been a major change in the overlanding rig. I went from this: To this: The build will be slow and a lot more mellow than the 80. Most likely, H2's, 285's, and then... The eventual plan is for a FWC. Jack
  15. locrwln

    Land Rover Series III

    No affiliation. /////1973 LAND ROVER SERIES THREE/// - $7000 (RENO) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2010-02-15, 4:20PM PST Reply to: [Errors when replying...
  16. locrwln

    1985 Toyota 4x4 Reno, NV CL

    No affiliation, just thought if anyone is interested. 1985 Toyota "4 by 4" Truck - $4000 (Reno) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2009-09-26, 7:43PM PDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]...
  17. locrwln

    Edge Juice with Attitude for Ford Powerstrokes

    Here is a link to my craigslist add: That is for the pictures. The set up fits 1999-early 2001 Ford Powerstrokes. It has everything needed to install the kit other than the drill/tap for the pyrometer. This entire set up cost over $800 new...
  18. locrwln

    Heads up on a 109

    My wife found this in the Reno Gazette Journal, thought someone might be interested, besides us:jump: . Too rich for my blood. 65 Landrover Series 11A-109 Stationwagon, Rebuilt Engine, New Paint, 6 New Off Road Tires, Runs Great, In Storage Last 5 yrs. Needs New Master Clutch Cyl. PTO Sys...
  19. locrwln

    Ham radio install question

    My 96 LC still has the stock double din radio installed. It's replacement is standing by, a single din pioneer. My question is has anyone installed their ham radio above the stereo? I am looking at the Icom 208 or Yaesu 7800. I know that the ham's put out a lot of heat, I was just wondering...
  20. locrwln

    Central Nevada Ghost/Mining Town tour April 28-into May

    Details here: Jack