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  1. jpat30

    Nismo Parts Anyone else excited about this? I know I am. I love my frontier, but feel like for a truck that has been around as long as it has, it really suffers from a lack of aftermarket support. I will be looking forward to...
  2. jpat30

    WTB Fiberglass Bed Topper/Cap for 2nd Gen Nissan Frontier LB

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I have a 2017 Nissan Frontier KC LB that I am looking for a topper/cap for. Ideally, I would like one that is cab high, but would consider mid rise as well. Bonus points if it is black. I am located in Southeast Texas (Houston area), but am willing to travel some to...
  3. jpat30

    2018 Forester Seat Cover Recommendations Needed

    Good Afternoon everyone, As the title states, I am in need of some seat cover recs for my wife's 18 Forester. Since we are using it more and more to get out and explore, it is time to put some protection over the factory fronts. I see that Escape Gear makes some and I have heard good things...
  4. jpat30

    Has Hell Frozen Over? Maybe yet another tease about an ever elusive Wrangler Truck, but an interesting article none the less. Hey a guy can dream huh?:)
  5. jpat30

    Math Question

    Ok Guys and Gals I have a math question of sorts. I recently changed the tires on my 2003 WJ; went from a LT 245 75 16(31) to a LT 285 70 17(33) and as expected the speedo is off. According to my GPS, the speedo now reads 5mph slow. This of course means that my odometer is off as well...
  6. jpat30

    Frontier Question

    Quick Question for all you 2nd Gen Frontier guys and gals out there. Could you get a CC LB in Nismo trim? I have searched and searched and have not been able to find out. Thanks in advance.
  7. jpat30

    Howdy from Texas

    Howdy Yall, I joined a while back and have been lurking in the shadows gathering a lot of good info and thought I might as well as introduce myself. My name is Jeremy and I have a 2003 WJ. This is how she sat when I bought her a year ago. 2in BB w/ Skyjacker shocks 16*8 Cragars w/ 245 75 16...