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    selling my 89 SWB montero

    Here is the link:
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    Eezi-Awn Roof tent series 3 model 1800

    SOLD! Thanks EP
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    Montero 4.90s R&P + 2.85s TC gears

    Asking $1500 + freight. The R&P gears came form s Limited Sport, will fit the big 9.5 rear axles and the front fots the Gen1 and 2 V6 models. The TC gears are new, never got around to install them. The truck is also for sale on the truck section FYI.
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    1989 Montero SWB Gen1 2door + 4.90s R&P and 2.85s TC gears

    Hey guys, My son recently ran out of oil on the freeway while driving the 2door Monty. I was considering fixing it but got too many project again therefore have decided that's prob better if I sell it. Here is the info: 89 V6 AUTO 2 door Black exterior clean light blue cloth interior sunroof...
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    Hey Guys, While at the EXPO in May I bought one of the Base Camp Portable Hot Showers and was told that the were going to start shipping them out on 6/5/14. It's been over 2 weeks now I have yet to hear from them. I pre-paid in full but unfortunately not able to find the guy's contact info...
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    DEATH VALLEY RUN - President day weekend

    What: Death Valley during president's Day weekend. Dates: 13th drive there, 14th 1st leg, 15th 2nd leg, 16th last leg and 17th drive home. Other option: Some are driving there Friday instead and meeting up with the rest of us Sat morning at Warm Springs Rd and West side Rd Intersection. HERE...
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    bay area run sat dec 14th

    If anyone is interested, we doing a run on the 13th-14th, we are looking at frank raines, carnegie, Hollister, or cow mountain. Some of us might camp on Friday.
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    parting 2 monteros, 95sr and 02 Sport limited AWD

    The engines and axles are spoken for but the rest is there. Let me know what you looking for. Thanks!
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    need to get rid of a 95sr and 02 sport limted AWD

    hey guys, I have a couple of Monteros that I need to get rid off ASAP. a 1995 Montero SR and a 2002 Montero Sport Limited AWD The engines and axles are spoken for on both but everything else is there. Let me know what you are looking for and we can work something out. Carlos
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    2001 Mitsubishi Montero limited, BAY AREA, CA

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that I'm selling my Gen3 2001 Montero Limited, it has 190k miles. white exterior with black leather interior. The truck is in great shape, early this summer I drove it Flagstaff to the OVERLAND EXPO with no problems. There is a few things that need to be...
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    gen2 rear bumper mod

    As I'm getting ready to hit the RUBICON in a few weeks, I finally got around to fixed the holes under the rear tail lights and was able to re-installed the back-up lights. Been wanting to do this for a long time but never got around to... I smash the quarter panels pretty good before so tought...
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    2001 Montero Limited temp gage acting up...

    I know there is quite a few gen3 oweners here so thought I ask, Has anybody here have the same problem? if so what did you do to fix it? My temp gage started acting up a couple of weeks ago, it goes from cold to hot for no reason... i know the engine is not running hot and already replace the...
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    rubicon run

    Last time we met at the San Mateo 4wd expo some guys from here were interested in running the rubicon this year. I wanted to see who is interested on running the Rubicon early this year when it opens up. let me know who's interested and we can plan dates. minimum requirements are as follow: -...
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    01 montero limited 4wd problems

    I posted this on the wire but it appears as everyone has move to the portal. So here it goes: I recently got a 2001 limited monty. Very nice looking and was well taken care of, does not look like the owner used the 4wd much if any at all.I am kind of new to the Gen3 so figure I ask here to see...
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    35x12.5x15 BF goodyear MTR - like new - san francisco bay area

    I'm selling a set of 4 old style MTRs mud terrain mounted and balanced on 15x8 3.75" back space and 6x5.5 lug pattern street lock wheels, the whole set including wheels have less than 1K miles on them with one mild offroad/expedition trip. I'm asking $1100 Local pick up only, located in the san...