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  1. MojaveKJ


    DUAL XGPS150A, used, works as it should, buyer pays shipping from 84009.
  2. MojaveKJ

    ****SOLD**** Blue Sea 12v 12 port fuse block

    $20.00 Buyer pays shipping from 94009.
  3. MojaveKJ

    Anderson 12V High Amp Connectors

    $10.00With dust boots. Buyer pays shipping from 94009.
  4. MojaveKJ

    2003 KLR 650 $750

    Not currently running but will run. Needs work. Located in Burbank, CA PM me here if interested. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. MojaveKJ

    A better JK seat?

    Hi all, I am looking for a more comfortable drivers seat for my JKU. Have any of you changed yours out for aftermarket? What did you get? How do you like it? Any hints? Thank you all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. MojaveKJ

    1971 Honda CT70, "Trail 70" $1100.

    ******SOLD****** ******SOLD****** ******SOLD****** 3 speed, no clutch. Street legal! Current on and off-road tags. Runs well, all original. Original 1972 bill of sale, 4th owner... $1100. Located in the southern California.
  7. MojaveKJ

    Whynter 45qt Portable Fridge/Freezer -NIB

    For sale, the above. New in box, never used. Too big for my purpose. $400. Prefer not to ship, located in Southern California. PM me if interested.
  8. MojaveKJ

    Stock JKUR wheels?

    Hi all, I have a '13 Rubicon and plan to put an AEV 2.5" Dualsport suspension kit on it. What is the biggest tire size I can put on the stock rim? I don't really want to buy new rims if I can fit a big enough tire on the stock rim. Please advise this JK newb...! Thanks!
  9. MojaveKJ

    2013 JK, what fluids to carry on the road/trail.

    I would like to carry some emergency fluids for my JK when I go on a long trip this fall. I have my Jeep serviced at the dealer and would like to carry the same products they use. Oil, teams fluid, coolant, brake fluid, diff oil etc. Some might say with a Jeep so new, why bother? Thoughts?
  10. MojaveKJ

    Overland Navigator setup $150 complete +shipping

    Overland Nabigator 2.0.1 for windows. Arizona. Nevada, central and Southern California map packs. Plus delorme topo 2009 with many maps. Asus Eee PC 900 mhz netbook w Windows XP installer included as well as a 12v cig lighter charger as well as padded case, GPS antenna. $150. PM me please.
  11. MojaveKJ

    New JKUR, want 'full skidplates'.

    So I just got a new JKUR at the end of last year and I want to put the full compliment of skid plates on it before I do much of anything else. What would you all consider to be the full coverage of skid plates for a JKU? I already had this Skid Row Engine/Trans skid plate installed...
  12. MojaveKJ

    Black Husky Liners fro 2007-13 Wrangler Unlimited

    By mistake, I ordered an extra set of black Husky liners for the front of my 2013 KJUR, so here they are for sale. MUCH MUCH prefer local pickup (SoCal) but I may be willing to drive, within reason to do the deal. New in open box, unused. $75 I prefer PMs or you can respond to this post...
  13. MojaveKJ

    ***SOLD***Two 4 gallon Rotopax gas cans.

    ***SOLD*** $75.00 each. Used four times. I really don't want to ship these so much prefer local pickup in SoCal. PM me or reply here. Thanks.
  14. MojaveKJ

    Glock Spade & knife

    I've not seen a post about this tool on this forum so I thought I'd do one myself. I've had one of these for 15+ years and find it useful for all sorts of camping...
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    I am considering putting a locking differentials in my Jeep Liberty KJ and I am wondering if it is the right thing to do. There is nothing wrong with the Detroit TruTrack LSD that I have in the rear now and the front is a stock open diff. There is a lot of other things I want to do to the Jeep...
  16. MojaveKJ

    Smaller more compact alternative to the Campmate?

    I am researching a smaller, more compact alternative to the Campmate I just got in the mail the other day. I really like the design but as I usually go alone or just cook for myself when I go out with others it seems a bit big for what I was thinking. It looked much smaller in the pictures...
  17. MojaveKJ

    Question for campmate owners

    I received my Campmate:chef: in the mail today and can't figure out what the rook shaped metal bar is for or where it attaches to the Campmate.:chef: It looks like it could be for a roll of paper towels...maybe a lantern? I see where the S shaped hook goes from the picture on the front label...
  18. MojaveKJ

    Awning/tent spikes source

    Hey all, I found this company while searching for an alternative to the Snow Peak awning/tent spikes I was wanting to buy, but seem to be out of stock everywhere. They sell many different sizes and colors, etc for different applications at very reasonable prices...
  19. MojaveKJ

    Smaller propane tank source

    Where can I get the smaller propane tanks like the ones in these pics? I should have asked while at OX12 but it wasn't an issue for me then. Anyone know a good source? I could look on the webs but I'd rather deal with a company that others here have had good experiences with and/or...
  20. MojaveKJ

    Which side to mount the awning?

    Hey all, just got a new ARB awning to mount to my roof rack and I am trying to decide if I want it on the drivers side or the passengers side. Where is yours mounted and why? Thanks for the input!