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    Roadtrip from Texas to North Carolina 2018 (Nemo Tunnel, Hurricane Creek Trail)

    Awesome ,yes pricey but a part of Americana that is dying off .
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    Price Check Aisle 3

    I had to step off it .It was excellent frame and great mechanicals. But the body was beat no rust just beat ,needed a windshield . I thru out 3500 cash and was hoping he would turn me down. He did with no counter offer. So it is in North Carolina at Lake Norman Imports if anyone is interested.
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    Price Check Aisle 3

    Ok we all know that tacos have a better value than KBB . Even more for those not in the rust belt. I have found a one owner base model single cab with a not to grandpa camper shell. The specs are 2003 160k 5 speed 2.7 with a supposedly lsd rear ( I know odd will check door codes tomorrow). Owner...
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    NC: Morganton/Mortimer/Linville Gorge/Brown Mtn Trip 10/15 & 10/16

    Head up 181 from morgonton . you will go past brown MTN rd ,past all the commercial campgrounds. You will see a forest road that turns right . stay on it to the fork if you go left at the fork there are sites on the river and it ends at a hike to a waterfall. if you go right there is maybe three...
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    Here I go again....

    Why not the camplite TC all aluminum construction ?
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    Western North Carolina Memorial Weekend

    I know Wilsons and linville as I live near . But please send me a link to that road !!! also next time there is camping off of 18 out of morganton/
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    Uwharrie Camping- Dickey Bell 1

    Cutting trees without permit in national forest is a no no might want to delete the evidence