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  1. oscar the grouch

    iKamper Skycamp 2.0

    Used twice and hanging in the garage waiting for a new owner. This is the Rocky Black version retail is $4199 with a 8 week lead. Ill let this go for 4k today with gen 1 and gen 2 brackets, led light strip and a double thickness mattress. Located...
  2. oscar the grouch

    Nomadic 270 degree awning. Freestander for about $800

    I just received this 270 monster to replace my old ARB straight out on the truck. It's amazing and it will freestand or has poles for windy days. Highly recommend if you are after something like this. There is a promo code in the description too if anyone wants to save a few bucks. They have...
  3. oscar the grouch

    3rd gen auto start

    Love this kit and the ease of installation. Full disclosure N2 Designs is having me write a new install guide for this kit so if these end up being very similar to his included instructions in the future you will know why. This is not however what I sent him. Similar but that was much more...
  4. oscar the grouch

    3rd gen Bed Rack with Factory Tonneau

    Is there a rack that works with the factory tonneau cover? I want to be able to open the last panel (just flip up) of the bed and have the tent above it. I saw KB Vodoo makes one that works with covers but it wont allow the rear panel to open.
  5. oscar the grouch

    Replacement Key Fob housing

    Not sure if you guys have seen these. I just installed it and love it. Heavier and more robust than the OEM one on my Taco. I can see these being handy if you are multi Toyota house. For me the oem PTS fob just felt cheap. They make them for a bunch of tacos...
  6. oscar the grouch

    Swapped into a Toyota from my rock crawler

    So I did a hard thing and I guess change is the new norm for us. Between moving to Utah and having more kids more things for us are new than old. It took alot of talking myslef into this. Couple years worth actually and the gist of it is this just makes more sense now. I have a ton of great...
  7. oscar the grouch

    2012 Wrangler Rubicon

    Selling my Jeep. Family is expanding and I need the room. Asking 26K has 76k miles on it. Open to trades. Build...
  8. oscar the grouch

    Dual Battery 3.6 with snorkel

    Ive heard there are some dual battery kits that wont fit in the 3.6 with the Rugged Ridge Snorkel. Something about the tube routing. Anyone have input on this? Is there a better place to put the 2nd battery?
  9. oscar the grouch

    Nav Apps and competition overlanding

    I'm slated for a spot in the 36 hours of Uwharrie and have some NAV App questions. I currently use a hybrid of HERE by nokia for Turn by Turn and I use MyTrails for off paved roads. It does really well at storing tons and tons of maps and following a course that is imported as a gpx. Problem...
  10. oscar the grouch

    Montero Buyers Guide

    Hey Montero experts. Getting the little lady a montero possibly. Im starting to look around and need to know what to look for. I might want a sport. must be a 4x4 Im starting to research all the gen numbers but a quick reference would be good. Which montero is best suited to mommy mobile...
  11. oscar the grouch

    New older vehicle for the lady. Suv hunt

    Found out I'm gonna be a father come december. Want to start looking for the girl a cheaper suv but still something I can drive. Ive seen several 04 ish volvo xc90s and volkswagen toureg s in my price range. Im a fairly good mechanic and i prefer not having a large car payment so im sure i can...
  12. oscar the grouch

    Upper Control Arm Bushings Axle Side Thoughts on POLY vs Rubber vs Johnny Joints

    Mine are shot. What is everyones thoughts on replacements for these. Im leaning towards the Johnny Joints but they are about 100 bucks more. Any issues I should know for any of the options?
  13. oscar the grouch

    Mattress pad question

    I noticed a bit of condensation under my pad this first trip out. Thinking about the half inch anti condensation mat from tepui. My question is that will this help with the softness too? the mattress is a little stiff for me and I was thinking a 2in memory foam topper would be great but if I do...
  14. oscar the grouch

    Soft Shells

    All winter I basically live in a softshell. Its time for a new one. Any suggestions. I have a couple northface ones that I like but was looking for something with velcro on the sleeves. I like the triple aught design stealth LT but thats an expensive jacket. Any other new or tried and true...
  15. oscar the grouch

    Which awning for my trailer

    Im finishing up my trailer build and I want to attach an awning. Issues. my trailer tub is only 5 feet. I was looking at the foxwing eco2.1 and just centering it. But i talked to rhino rack and they suggested the bigger 8 foot awning and sliding it back for driving and center it for use...
  16. oscar the grouch

    GSI Enamelware

    Thinking about getting a full set of their pioneer enamelware. I love the look and when I was a kid we used it. Not sure if i'm being nostalgic or what but I cant stop thinking about them. Are they any good? enamel ware is old tech is there better stuff out there. I currently run a set of...
  17. oscar the grouch

    Cargo management

    What do people use for securing gear inside the trailers. I was thinking e track. Any ideas
  18. oscar the grouch

    ready to order some things need advice

    I need to finish my trailer. final sheet of metal will be ready today so i need to get the rest of the stuff to complete the build. 1. Wiring harness. I have a 4 pin now but was thinking I should go to a 7pin now to avoid any rewires later when i add brakes and a battery. 2. Hinges. no idea...
  19. oscar the grouch

    lid latches

    Im looking for a set of locking lid latches. I found some destaco ones but they dont have provisions for a pad lock. looking for similar to these
  20. oscar the grouch

    Wall and floor sheet metal Guage

    I'm walling in my trailer and was curious as to what gauge is the best for floor and walls of a trailer.