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  1. mhiscox

    Public Service Announcement: DISC-O-BUNK bunks for 1/3 off

    For 14 days or as long as they last, Woot is selling the Disc-O-Bunk bunks (plain, camo, youth) and the chair for a reduced price. If you know what they are and want one, the price reduction and $5.00 shipping may make this a good time.
  2. mhiscox

    Overlanding Sidecar on eBay

    I suppose this could have gone in the Vehicles for Sale section, but our Sidecar forum could use the traffic . . . That ever-popular time and money sink Bring-A-Trailer has made note of a Rokon Ranger factory sidecar rig that is for sale on eBay. It's currently inconveniently located (for an...
  3. mhiscox

    Exceptionally Cheap Raising Roof Slide-In Camper (like FWC Grandby shell); Portland

    For most of their time in business, Four Wheel Camper, Alaskan and others aluminum camper manufacturers competed with the Roamin’ Chariot Company of Spokane, WA. Though their campers had merit, Roamin’ Chariot seems not to have made it through the Great Recession. I have one, however, acquired a...
  4. mhiscox

    Public Service Announcement: 1/2 Price New Thetford Curve Toilets

    I'm not sure what it is about the first day of spring that would produce a sale on Porta Pottis, but both Amazon and Walmart have decided to offer the Thetford Curve Porta Potti for about half the going rate: Walmart: Amazon...
  5. mhiscox

    Useful Discount on a New 60-liter Engel Compressor Fridge; $950 in Portland, OR

    I don’t have much residual left from the XV-JP fiasco with Dion Krantz and Red Cannon Expedition, but I did get back an Engel fridge I bought for the project. Having no use for it, it seems sensible to see if any ExPo builders need it. The unit is the well-known and reasonably well-loved Engel...
  6. mhiscox

    CAMPERMOG FANS: Videos of the old girl in her weird new life

    CoffeeMog (née CamperMog) is still selling coffee in Seattle. She gets a fair amount of coverage on Twitter (#mogsnotmugs; clever, eh?) and the Internet. If you are in Seattle, check at to see where she is now and will be in the future. Anyway, I had someone e-mail...
  7. mhiscox

    6th SPRINTERFEST EAST: Sat. 4/25/15; Mechanicsburg, PA

    For the large group of you closer to Pennsylvania than Oregon, they posted the information regarding the annual east coast SprinterFest. A fine event if you have or are interested in Sprinters and their conversion. ============= What: 6th Annual SprinterFEST East - Is ON When: Saturday, April...
  8. mhiscox

    10TH NW SPRINTERFEST--Sat. 5/30/15; Tualatin, OR (Note Later Date)

    There's a substantial change in the timing of this year's Northwest SprinterFest, the annual low key West Coast get-together of Sprinter trucks, owners and interested onlookers. This NW Sprinterfest, the tenth, will be held on Saturday, May 30th in Tualatin, OR, a few miles south of Portland...
  9. mhiscox

    FREE TO GOOD HOME: Wrangler JK Front Brake Components--Westside Portland, OR

    Several months back, the 2007 XV-JP Wrangler got a TeraFlex Front Big Brake kit. It sort of seemed like something that heavy much could profit from bigger brakes, though I'd not had any problems with the stock setup. So I have the take-off front rotors, calipers, and stainless brake lines...
  10. mhiscox

    100 SERIES CARGO AREA CONVERSION--Has found a good new home

    GONE TO A LOCAL LX470 OWNER, 11/1/14 Tom Petersen (RIP) used to say that in all of his late night television ads when he'd throw in some gimcrack if you'd pony up for one of his washers or vacuums . . . Free is a Very Good Price. What we have here will be a fantastic opportunity for anyone who...
  11. mhiscox

    Stahl 1/2-ton Bed Slide for 8-Foot Bed--Sold 12/9/14

    Thanks for your interest. The bed slide sold locally off through Craigslist to a contractor guy with a classic Ford longbed. I bought my Stahl Challenger TR service body trailer: with the $1,000 option of a 48" x 96" bed slide that extends much of the way out of the bed. Paul and I took the...
  12. mhiscox

    AND YET AGAIN: Paul and Mike Try to Build a Hard-Sided Do-It-All ADV Trailer

    Well, the days are getting shorter, Paul's vacation trip is over, and it's been six months since we finished the last project, so there's only one thing left to do: Rummage around to try to find something else ExPo-worthy to build. The best candidate we had was my...
  13. mhiscox

    Camper Builder Darrin Fink (RUF) Gets Well-Deserved Two Minutes of Television Fame

    You could have knocked me over with a feather. I had the TV on in the background while doing computer work, and on this Travel Channel show Mega RV Countdown, they started talking about the "Ranch Hand RV" and there was Darrin with his old U1300 Mog Camper, driving it around his ranch. Darrin...
  14. mhiscox

    SprinterFest East coming up

    If you're on the East Coast, you might enjoy going to SprinterFest East in Mechanicsburg, PA, this coming weekend. All the information you need is here:
  15. mhiscox

    AWD Sprinter announcement; expected in North America in early 2015

    There are already a couple of other 4x4 Sprinter threads around ExPo, but it seems best to create a new thread for the factory Mercedes version which, after a decade of false starts, appears to actually be coming to North America next year. The details are in this press announcement...
  16. mhiscox

    9TH NW SPRINTERFEST--Sat. 4/12/14; Tualatin, OR (w/ 4WD Sprinters for Test Drives)

    Figuring that you're all really good at advanced planning, it's time to pass on the details of this year's Northwest SprinterFest, the annual low key West Coast get-together of Sprinter trucks, owners and interested onlookers. This NW SprinterFest, the ninth, will be held on Saturday, April 12th...
  17. mhiscox

    AT IT AGAIN: Paul and Mike Convert a Mid/Tall T1N Sprinter Cargo

    As you can read about toward the end of this thread,, I've once again decided something needs to be more complicated and expensive. This time the victim is the 144" wheelbase, '03...
  18. mhiscox

    $41 BaoFeng UV-82 Dual Band Handhelds

    We've got a good thread, started in April, for the cheap ($40 or lower) Baofeng 5V-UV radios:, that has much useful information. But it appears that time, and Chinese electronics, marches on, so you can now instead have the newer Baofeng...
  19. mhiscox

    2015 4x4 Sprinter Planned for Fall 2014 (or not)

    I'm reluctant to even post this information, but consider it my duty to the optimistic amongst you . . . There is recent information that Daimler-Benz will make an all-wheel driven Sprinter available in the U.S. and Canada in a little over a year. What I know about it is from this thread on the...
  20. mhiscox

    INSTANT OVERLANDER: Mikey's Transitory Sprinter Camper

    FWIW: I’m gonna post up the whole build at one time and let people read through it as suits their preferences. No sense in waiting, I don’t think, ‘cuz there ain’t nothing more gonna happen. :sombrero: ------- As ExPo’s most aged veterans know, in bygone days I designed and had built Mog...