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  1. Assari

    Lunchbox lockers!

    HI, my name is Connor and I have been addicted to jeep mods for about 2 years now no, but thinking about a spartan or Aussie locker for the front and rear doesn't seem to hard to do and just probably would do it with the axles still on. just drain the...
  2. Assari

    Camp Towel Recomendations

    I agree with the colors for the Innova towels...not the best. They did make a more dark baby blue at one point, but the last few tourneys I haven't seen that color, just the newer ones. The DGA towel I do like, but I play a lot on the weekends sometimes as early as 8 am I/We are teeing off. When...
  3. Assari

    Tire deflator kit??

    I have both. Stauns are nice and easy if airing down to the same pressure every time. You can vary the set pressure of two or four of them but that kinda negates the "ease of use" benefit of them. Be sure to crank the set screw down hard and maybe mark a line of paint to indicate non-movement. I...
  4. Assari

    Diesel vs gas engine for camping and General purpose

    petrol is a lot lot harders to produce where as diesel engines are able to take a wide variaty of fuel qualitys to work with, diesels are by far the better choice to have, petrol engines are alot more complicated and liable to fail because more parts means increased chance of some thing going...