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  1. outofrshell

    Trooper trailer

    Nearing the end of this trailer build and would like to post pictures as it progressed but for some reason I have a hard time posting photos So bear with me as I try to fumble thru this again
  2. outofrshell

    trooper trailer

    The title comes from the fact that a lot of trailer parts were sourced from a 1990 Isuzu Trooper plus it will be towed by a Trooper. Axle spindles are from the front of the Trooper with all of arms cut off and lathed turned to fit heavy wall tubing once the axle was done it was mounted using the...
  3. outofrshell

    Trooper Trailer

    The title comes from the fact that a lot of trailer parts were sourced from a 1990 Isuzu Trooper plus it will be towed by a Trooper. Axle spindles are from the front of the Trooper with all of arms cut off and lathed turned to fit heavy wall tubing once the axle was done it was mounted using the...
  4. outofrshell

    Hard start Montero

    Neighbor has a 1994 Montego 3.0 V6 and has ask me to diagnose why it is so hard to start the first time after sitting like overnight. Checked temp sensor and it's ohms are in range but when I checked for voltage at the connector there was none checked farther up the wires and it is dead...
  5. outofrshell

    Nevada chukar hunt

    Looking for some one who might want to travel with me in the latter part of Nov. for a week or two of chasing chukars in Nevada. This could be as simple as meeting some where along the way and caravanning to a destination- to meeting some where with your gun and dog and gear ready to go and load...
  6. outofrshell

    31" Tires

    My first question. What well go farther down a rocky trail? A 31" tire or a broken axle or suspension components. Next question. Do you really enjoy never getting to use OD on the highway? These question only apply to rigs that are relatively stock and are running tires that are 2 or 3 sizes...
  7. outofrshell

    Rear seat storage

    I have always removed the rear seat when traveling and camping by my self, I have a custom drawer system in the back that ends at the back of the rear seat and I would use a piece of plywood from it to a support right behind the front seat for a bed. Now that I have decided to leave the rear...
  8. outofrshell

    Movable winch

    When I started the build on my 89 Trooper one of the first mods were the bumpers and I had already planned on a winches funds became available so the bumpers were built with 2" receivers. When I got the winch the Trooper was wired with #2 welding wire and 500 amp plug ins at both ends. But a...
  9. outofrshell

    Warn hubs

    Does any one know of a shop any where in the USA that repairs or recondition Warn hubs. I have not contacted Warn yet but I did not see anything related to repairing hubs on their site. I broke a half shaft on my Trooper and it broke right at the end of the hub axle gear it was not a clean break...
  10. outofrshell

    Warn M8000 VS VR8000

    I know this subject has been hashed over and over but I just had to throw this this in the fire. I stripped the second stage planetary gears in my VR8000 winch, what was interesting was when looking to order the part the M & the VR have the same planetary gears along with the brake assembly. I...
  11. outofrshell

    VR8000s Warn Winch

    I stripped the gears on the 2nd stage planetary gear in my Warn VR8000s,I would like to hear from people who had the same experience. Is this a weak spot? Or did it just happen. I have already bought a new gear but if Warn covers this on warranty should I carry a new one in the truck. DAVE
  12. outofrshell

    Winch anchor

    This not a comparison of winch anchors or which is better than the other other. This is a short story of a bird hunting adventure that involved winching and 15 miles of drifted in roads in a very remote area of Wy. We left the main road headed for Fenton Pass to chukar hunt. Most of the road is...
  13. outofrshell

    Corner lights and movable light bar

    One feature I really liked on our 2000 Isuzu Trooper was the corner lighting when you signaled to turn a light came on on that side and illuminated where you were turning into. I wanted this on my 1989 Trooper but the signal stat has only one wire which is spit at the column so no continuos feed...
  14. outofrshell

    Ground tent for roof top

    Has any one ever mounted a ground tent to a platform and made it work as a roof top tent? If so do you have pictures or ideas? I have a 9x8 Kodiak Canvas Spring Bow tent it seems completely plausible to mount it on a folding platform attached to a small trailer with just enough room underneath...
  15. outofrshell

    Trooper projects never end

    I have never done an actual build thread on my Trooper mostly because it has been an on going project since 2011. It seems that every time I think I am done I dream up something else I would like to do. In this case I have always liked AT's can carriers since I built my swing out fuel can rack...
  16. outofrshell

    Tundra grill gaurd

    We just recently bought a 2006 Tundra and I had already decided that one of the few mods would be an ARB bumper. Not only was I surprised but disappointed that ARB doesn't offer a bumper for the Tundra so the search was on for something comparable and there was not much out there for the Tundra...
  17. outofrshell

    Escape 17 trailer

    Wondering if any one else overlands or explores with a light weight trailer? Last year we bought a 2012 Escape 17B one option that really sold me was that it has a high axle option and 15" tires plus the fact that it only weighs 2100 Lb making very capable of mild to moderate off road trails...
  18. outofrshell

    2006 tundra wiring

    I am new to the Toyota world and recently bought a 2006 Tundra with the tow package option which has the factory wiring for the trailer plug, all is well and good except the auxiliary 12volt wire is on the ignition switch and for dumb proofing that is all right but I would like to have it come...
  19. outofrshell

    Snorkels, OBA & a shocking story

    It has been 3 weeks since Wyoming's bird season ended and being retired cabin fever doesn't take long to set in. So it was time to do a few keep yourself busy projects on the Trooper. First was to finish the snorkel I started last summer. This is as far as I got last year This is what I had in...
  20. outofrshell

    For Sale 2000 Trooper Northwest Wyoming

    2000 Isuzu Trooper 3.5 V6 W/5 Speed manual transmission 87,821 miles- no rust, body is close to perfect as is the interior $5,500 "SOLD" This 3.5 V6 does not use oil and has been serviced by me on a regular schedule using only Wix filters and Shell Rotella T New AT 235-85-LT16 tires (same...