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  1. Sedonut

    Ford 7.3 - any reason to not get one?

    You won't be lacking for power. I had a F350 Pickup, 7.3, it would tow and never seem stressed. It got 16 mpg, Loaded, empty ,towing, 16 mpg. It was a 2WD. It got stuck if it even looked at mud.
  2. Sedonut

    Newbie Question: how much wind does your hard side truck camper catch?

    I had a pop up on a Dodge 250 4x4 Cummings, drove like the camper was not even there. I'm another vote for something very light on a 150. Or buy more truck. You can go everywhere with a camper shell and just a platform and a mattress or sleeping pads in back. Way cheaper, no weight...
  3. Sedonut

    Actual build cost vs markup on US built off road trailers/teardrops.

    In anything you are willing to do for fun you calculate your time at $.05 per hour. There are lots of projects I do that I would be much better off having someone pay me my normal hourly rate. I like learning new things and new skills. I would rather research a project than watch drivel on TV...
  4. Sedonut

    Physicist answering solar related questions

    Thanks for making yourself available !! I appreciate learning more about the subject.
  5. Sedonut

    2018 Toyota Tacoma with Alu-Cab Khaya Camper $50k

    Only had 15,000 miles. It sold quick. It was a great deal at $50,000.
  6. Sedonut

    Most affordable, fuel efficient 4x4 set up

    You can get a long bed Tacoma, build a platform above the wheel wells. My TRD off road V6 gets 20 MPG with a light foot. No other truck will have better resale.
  7. Sedonut

    (Opinion) Buying a HDJ8X or not...

    I love diesels, but my RHD BJ44 diesel Landcrusiser is SLOW. Like 62 MPH top speed slow. It may go a little faster, but it won't be happy. That makes the RHD OK because you will never pass anyone. I imported it, being over 25years old it was cheap and easy. Beware if you live in California...
  8. Sedonut

    UB4D AGM 200AH RV/Solar Batteries - NEW, $325/EA, $600/PR

    Where are they located?
  9. Sedonut

    Operating cost of earthcruisers?

    My experience with a new 30 foot V-10 motorhome bought in 1999. 7-8.5 mpg. Depreciation over 7 years 30,000 miles $30,000. Other costs were tires and insurance. I got it stuck a couple of times a few feet off road, so 0 off road capability. My family had some great trips and it was worth every...
  10. Sedonut

    Finally got myself a Gen 2.5, now, major maintenance update time.

    I always find it funny that people ask for help, "What else should I do to get this thing mechanically up to date? ", but don't want to share something useful like what the market value might be. Here, give me free advice. I will give you nothing. But I say I'm all for helping. No thanks...
  11. Sedonut

    AT Tacoma Habitat for sale

    Time for a road trip. Gonna be real hard (read expensive) to ship. Plus you have to deal with customs for importation from another country.
  12. Sedonut

    What is a Ruger flattop blackhawk realistic value?

    This time of year is not a good time to sell most anything. Money is short around Christmas. I try to wait until spring if I can. I don't know the laws in Montana, but perhaps a person to person sale in a local newspaper? I agree there are a lot of dreamers on some websites as to asking prices.
  13. Sedonut

    Troy PAR

    My vote is for a lever action .308. You can learn to operate it quickly and it does not look evil. It's a cartridge you already have.
  14. Sedonut

    What is a Ruger flattop blackhawk realistic value?

    Look on All the wear really hurts the value. When it is that worn it goes from a collector to a shooter. I doubt you will find that many shooters on the websites mentioned. My guess is to deduct 30-50 % from a mint one in original box.
  15. Sedonut

    Slide In Campers and Weight Ratings....

    If you kill someone or remove a limb or two you can easily exceed the $250/500 limits of you policy. Those are the high limits by the way. My daughter the lawyer has a case now with $800,000 in medical bills , then you add damages for pain and suffering. Then you get some lawyer who asks...
  16. Sedonut

    Slide In Campers and Weight Ratings....

    The difference between 3/4 and 1 ton trucks is sometimes just the dual wheels. I had an F350 Powerstroke, a 1 Ton, with single rear wheels. IF you get into an accident, and IF you get a sharp lawyer on the other side, which is rare but could happen, if your truck is overweight you will be...
  17. Sedonut

    When shopping for used, how much does a rebuilt engine and trans add to the value?

    It really depends on who rebuilt the engine. Some rebuilds are worthless. Some can be "re-manufactured": perhaps nearly good as new. Then there are new from the factory crate motors. Just as good as new. Unless it was "re-manufactured" or you really know the builder, a rebuild is not worth much.
  18. Sedonut

    Xterra vinyl ideas instead of painting

    I put a camo vinyl wrap on the hood of my truck in Arizona. 5 years in the Arizona sun and is cooked and peeling. It looked good for the first 3 years. I avoid combat zones at all costs.
  19. Sedonut

    Five DIESEL KLR motorcycles

    It's one of those ad's, the wife wants him to sell them. He said "yes dear." So, they are for sale, but not really.