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  1. plainjaneFJC

    Why I like all trucks

    I like all trucks, all trucks are great. Domestic fullsizes are my favorite. I said nice things about them in my last thread and it was axed without explanantion by someone who didnt name themselves.
  2. plainjaneFJC

    Grizzly bear hunts

    What say you??
  3. plainjaneFJC

    New to hunting

    I'm a lifelong fisherman, and have always wanted to hunt I just didn't know where to begin. I just bought Steve Rinellas book "The complete guide to hunting,butchering, and cooking wild game" volume 1. Its interesting and I'm learning a lot. Any tips for an adult to learn the does and dont's of...
  4. plainjaneFJC

    New FJC Parts

    For sale is new take-offs from a 2012 FJC I bought new. These parts only have miles on them from the drive home from dealership. Front struts Rear shocks and coils Upper control arms 1 dollar lol make offer I just want this stuff gone and hate to throw it away, shipping from 74055
  5. plainjaneFJC

    Recommend a helmet

    I haven't rode a bicycle in over 20 years, and that was a bmx style bike. I am getting a new Trek x-caliber 9, what is a decent helmet? For now I will be riding on blacktop thru my neighborhood trying to work up my comfort level on the bike before I hit the dirt.
  6. plainjaneFJC

    Trout fishing newbie

    I fish about 50 days a year for white bass and crappie, but I know nothing about trout. I plan to fish the San Juan river near Pagosa Springs the first week of October. Any tips? Can I just bring a spinning reel to avoid investing in a fly rod? Do you use Flys, or fake or real salmon eggs...
  7. plainjaneFJC

    Do you feel the need to be upset when you encounter an armed camper in the woods?

    Do you get upset at the presence of guns in the woods?
  8. plainjaneFJC

    Considering selling my like new 2012 FJC

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]328329 I have a white 2012 FJC, with 6,500 miles on it. Always garage kept, driven in the rain 1 time, chassis and engine bay looks like it rolled off showroom floor. Installed the day I brought it home was a toytec ultimate 3" lift and upper control arms. Aluminess front bumper...
  9. plainjaneFJC

    WTB: FJ45

    Show me what you got. Rust-free or minor rust only.
  10. plainjaneFJC

    2019 Defender

    Article on MSN with pictures. Is it already here and I missed it? Multiple wheelbase and engine options.
  11. plainjaneFJC

    What happened to the Scotty "Broman" thread

    Guy was asking about a 4-runner? Whole thing looked like a joke, was curious to see how it played out.
  12. plainjaneFJC

    Aluminess bumpers?

    Anybody here have one on a FJC? Are you happy with it? Did it require winshield washer relocation? Curious if anyone has seen an Aluminess bumper after a animal strike or auto accident? Thanks
  13. plainjaneFJC

    French army g-wagens

    Not sure how to post pictures but the associated press had some cool pictures out today of french g-wagens in mali. I couldn't read what the chrome emblem across the front grille said in the pics. Anyways hopefully someone can post up the pics.
  14. plainjaneFJC

    223 for sale?

    Does anybody know of a online location that has any 55grain fmj in stock?
  15. plainjaneFJC

    Do you cut out bolt on FJ uca's?

    Getting Fj in two weeks. Do I need to order new bolt for uca's. I dont want to beat on vehicle to remove bolts. Can someone post up part numbers if needed? Thanks.
  16. plainjaneFJC

    Backpacking Colorado in August

    My wife and I are looking for a place, or multiple places near each other were we can drive the FJ cruiser in off the beaten path, car camp, and do day hikes of 5 to 12 miles in Colorado. We did the west maroon 4 pass loop last year, and wanted to try something new this year. Maybe 3 to 4 days...
  17. plainjaneFJC

    Sell my on a frontier or tacoma.

    In the next six months I will probably be buying a new truck. I have narrowed down to a tacoma double cab 4x4 with not any options or a frontier pro-4x with lots of options. It seems the frontiers are quite a bit cheaper. Tell my why the frontier is better. My main concern is the front ends on...