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  1. BCHauler

    New to me 99 Suburban: 5.7 vortec repairs

    Could you take it to a machine shop and have it hot tanked? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. BCHauler

    94 Ranger HaRVy

    "Here is a picture of us not getting stuck." This may be the greatest quote I have seen on this site :elkgrin: "Nice to see another down to earth overlanding rig." Wholeheartedly agree. Please keep sharing.
  3. BCHauler

    Holden Colorado 2.8 half height Canopy build

    Very cool. I will follow with interest.
  4. BCHauler

    The Camp 4x4 Bus - 1973 Suburban 8.1 Swap & Build

    Excited for you. And for me 'cause I get to Web-watch!
  5. BCHauler

    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    They said to put a WINCH on the front of your truck, not WENCH. J/K (wench is an archaic word meaning young girl or woman)
  6. BCHauler

    Photos of mid-sized vehicles - Post Here

    My new-to-me $100 little truck.
  7. BCHauler

    The overland beater: Dodge 1500

    Just read through your entire thread (blown Sunday morning - sorry honey-do-list). These are my favourite kind of build. Thanks for sharing the blow by blow and doing it with real life considerations (aka budget-minded). Looking forward to the next updates.
  8. BCHauler

    MotoMaster TotalTerrain W/T

    I hadn't heard that the Motomaster Total Terrain WT was disco-ed. I have run them on two different trucks over the last 7 winters and have been suitably impressed. They were very inexpensive, handled wet, heavy-snow, southern BC winters with aplomb. Worked very well on both a 4wd crewcab 01 f250...
  9. BCHauler


    How does the exhaust smell? Does it have that tell-tale sweet-dusty odor?
  10. BCHauler

    2015 Ford F150

    I think Ford has really read the tea leaves on where trucks are needing to go. Much lighter, smaller, more efficient engines. I think this 2.7 has very sufficient numbers for typcal 1/2 ton use. Frankly, they are equivalent to v8 numbers of only a few years ago. Really looking forward to hearing...
  11. BCHauler

    Suggestions : Popup Camper vs Aluminum shell

    Check out caravan campers. Used ones are cheap in Nevada and many have double rear doors. They look very sturdy.
  12. BCHauler

    F150 overland build

    Like the black grill and bumper a lot better.
  13. BCHauler

    Lets see some full size pictures...

    That is a nice looking truck. Congrats!
  14. BCHauler

    86 Suburban, warwgn's build.

    Any thought of replacing it with a 700r4 and getting overdrive?
  15. BCHauler

    F150 suspension questions

    I recommend the f250ld or 7700 suspension and axles upgrade as a very simple, cheap and effective way to more effectively carry a load. I haul an old 8' camper and I have researched those upgrades. All a straight bolt-in. I use a set of Hellwig overload springs and they work well, but are noisy...
  16. BCHauler

    My Build Thread: 1998 F-150 AKA Trunchbull

    Any updates on this truck? Curious how the sleeping platform turned out.
  17. BCHauler

    4x4 Provan Tiger Diesel

    Not mine.
  18. BCHauler

    Upsizing tires on OEM Wheels

    Sorry, I was typing without looking and half of the post was missing. Just edited it. Didn't use them in winter as I always ran dedicated winter tires.
  19. BCHauler

    Upsizing tires on OEM Wheels

    I ran 255/85's on my Super Duty with a camper and thought the size was perfect. Decent load range, taller, fit the stock rims perfectly. Didn't like the mud terrain tread with the camper tough. If I was doing it again, I would buy the same size in the Cooper ST Maxx. My former neighbour was...
  20. BCHauler

    1991 Ford Bronco buildup

    Very neat. I really enjoyed my old 94 F150, they are good trucks. 87-91 is my favorite body style. I too had great reliability and performance out of the ttb front. For my truck, I swapped out the stock coil springs for a new set of Moogs for a same-year f350 2wd. Lifted the truck and gave the...