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    2nd Gen Tacoma Skids/Rear seat Delete brackets/Tie Down

    Located in 96093, I can ship the brackets and Tie Downs, but not the skids. I regularly travel to Redding and Mt Shasta Ca My 2nd gen is gone to it’s new home so I have some stuff for sale. Front and transmission skid plates. I custom built these because I didn’t like most of the aftermarket...
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    C4500 4x4, Duramax, Allison, Crew Cab

    2006 C4500 4x4 - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive sale ( I'm helping a business liquidate assets, price is high but VERY open to offers.
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    WTB: Camper for 5.5ft Bed 2017 Ford F150

    That's pretty interesting looking! Certainly looks very similar to a GFC. My primary hang up with that style is that you can't stand up in the bed/camper. After having that ability with my drifter, I think it's something I will need to have on the next one.
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    WTB: Camper for 5.5ft Bed 2017 Ford F150

    Greetings expo, With my tacoma gone, and Vagabond Drifter soon to be on its way to it's new home, I'm looking for a replacement. So, I'm in the market for a used AT Atlas/Summit, Vagabond Nomad or similar style camper for a 2017 F150 with the 5.5ft bed. The closer to a "bare bones" camper the...
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    Looking for a 2nd gen dcsb Tacoma

    Sent you a text, I have a 2nd gen double cab short bed with a drifter camper for sale. It’s geared, locked etc....
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    WTB: mid to full-size truck (camper/overland build) (Tacoma, Frontier, Tundra, Colorado, Sierra, etc.)

    I might have a silver 2007 double cab Tacoma for sale soon. It's got 160k, v6, 4wd, geared to 4.56 with the "8.2" rear axle swapped in, ARB lockers front and rear, on board air, icon CDCV coilovers and shocks, Vagabond Drifter Camper etc...stock bumpers, uncut body and bed, no rock sliders. If...
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    2019 Ranger 5G Crew Cab

    Nice ranger you're building! I came VERY close to pulling the trigger on one at the end of last year. Have you been tracking mpg?
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    Moving from a Tacoma to an SUV, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    The 8.8. is a great swap I agree. i played axle swapping games with my various XJs (29 spline 8.25, Factory Dana 44 etc) but it seems more like the OP is asking about a better platform to start with.
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    Moving from a Tacoma to an SUV, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    Generally, I'm not a fan of torsion bar suspension, but the 100 series ride really nice. A lot of my experience with torsion bars comes from the GMT400 chassis, and that's not really a fair comparison. I personally like to have the option of an off the shelf, re-build able, re-valve able...
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    Moving from a Tacoma to an SUV, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    Having owned an few XJ's, 3rd and 4th gen 4runners, and an 80 series, I don't think I agree. This may be an unpopular opinion, but as much as I adore XJ's it would be the last on my list of recommendations for what you're talking about. Using a 4th gen 4runner as an example, the rear hip room...
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    FourWheelCamper VS Vagabond Drifter (Pop up camper)

    The tundra and FWC aren't mine, they belong to a close friend. Coming from an 80 series land cruiser, 4th gen 4runner, and 1st gen taco, the 2nd gen already feels big to me. I've done some tighter/technical trails with it before I had the camper, and I certainly need to get used to the size...
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    FourWheelCamper VS Vagabond Drifter (Pop up camper)

    Nice setup! I don't think you would have an issue selling either the FWC or Drifter, thanks to instagram and the pandemic, they're both hot commodities. The lead time on a drifter is over a year.... I was looking for a while for a used drifter and only got mine by blind luck (and a 1600 mile...
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    FourWheelCamper VS Vagabond Drifter (Pop up camper)

    Hi there, Recent Vagabond Drifter owner here, on a 2007 double cab Tacoma, I have some time in a FWC Kestrel on a 1st gen Tundra, but not a ton. Weight; the vagabond will indeed be much lighter to start. I would give serious consideration to what you're going to add to the Vagabond camper...
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    WTB: Vagabond Drifter, or AT Atlas/Summit for 2nd Gen Tacoma Short Bed, Western U.S.

    Greetings expo, I'm on the hunt for a used Vagabond Drifter camper, or Adventure Trailers Atlas/Summit for my 2007 short bed tacoma. I'm located in Northern CA, but willing to travel for the right deal. Please contact via email at if you have any leads. Thanks!
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    4 cyl. Tacos?

    "Adequate or severely lacking" will always comes down to personal preference. Opinions can be asked for and given all day long, but at the end of the day, its your preference and your decision. Everyone has different ideas of what is acceptable. I've spent some time behind the wheel of a 2nd...
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    How much do you cram into your roof?

    I just got back from about 16 days in baja with 3 adults living out of my 2007 4runner. I hate having things piled all over the place in the back or up to the roof inside so I used a soft and waterproof roof storage back and it worked awesome. We kept tents, sleeping pads, pillows, sleeping...
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    4th gen 4runner, geared, locked, cargo build etc....N.CA, $17.5K

    BUMP, just got back from Baja and the truck worked perfectly, but I need a pickup. Current mileage is 157k and I'm open to offers.