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  1. Comanche Scott

    '07 Dodge Ram 4x4 Exploration & 5th Wheel Tow Rig

    Bought an '07 Dodge Ram CC/SB 4x4 with the Cummins engine a while back. The goal is to haul a 5th wheel around the country as a "base camp", while exploring the 48 states in the truck. The truck will be setup to go off exploring for a week or so at a time. No big plans to modify the truck...
  2. Comanche Scott

    Picked up a New 2m/70cm rig; Icom ID-5100A / Comet CA-2x4SR

    Just picked up: Icom ID-5100A comet CA-2x4SR (with optional spring ) Comet 3D4MB mount with cable Between the Dayton Hamvention sale, and the "Hams to Japan" rebate (which I still need to figure out how to submit) the radio and antenna were awesome deals ($430 for the radio and $63 for the...
  3. Comanche Scott

    Multi-Purpose trailer build

    Just picked up this 1964 tilt deck trailer. Amazing shape for being this old, and pretty much a blank slate for a multi-purpose build. The plywood deck is 4'-4" wide, by 8' long. I'm thinking of using this pretty much as is, and building "hot swap-able" boxes, for want of a better term. So...
  4. Comanche Scott

    Brand new Diesel CJ8

    My apologies in advance if this has already been posted. Found this when I was doing a search for roof racks for the Scout. Thought it was cool, and with a hard top could be a pretty awesome exploration rig.
  5. Comanche Scott

    What would be a rock solid total communications package for exploration,on the cheap?

    NetDep brought up a great point in the "To Ham Or Not To Ham" thread, in regards to what can be done "on the cheap"? I hadn't given much consideration to cost when it comes to a communication package, as my main concern is being able to make reliable contact at all times. CB, 2M/70CM is pretty...
  6. Comanche Scott

    TJM Fuel Tank Skid Plate for JKU on clearance at Summit Racing for cheap

    Hey guys, Summit is clearing out the Aluminum Fuel Tank Skid Plate from TJM for the JKU at $168. That is ridiculously cheap for a quality piece. I just ordered one, and it should be here by Wednesday. Will follow up with pictures...
  7. Comanche Scott

    This would make someone a great "Expedition" - exploration vehicle

    This would be a very cool setup for a reasonable price. Or transfer the whole system over to a later model, and sell the low mileage '08 to someone else.
  8. Comanche Scott

    General Ham license study suggestions?

    Hey guys, If you knew then what you know now, what would you do to study for your General Ham license? My buddy and I are going to study together. We both have the 8th gen ARRL G.C. License Manual (2015-2019). I have the Tech license. He doesn't. Both of us have a good basic knowledge of...
  9. Comanche Scott

    Ham hand-talkie w/plug in 12V charger (not charger base)

    Lost my UV-B5 :( So in looking for a new ham hand talkie I'd like to find a dual band (2M, 70cm) hand talkie, that the charger plugs directly into the radio. Anybody seen reasonably priced (under $400 in my mind is reasonable) radios built like this? The new Baofeng/Pofung 8 watt radios...
  10. Comanche Scott

    Exploring topless

    I'm wondering; for those of us that run soft top exploration-expedition vehicles (not weekend wheelers, but folks who actually get out for a week or more at a time with daily travel). How did you build your rig to take advantage of putting the top down? Also interested to hear from our...
  11. Comanche Scott

    Offroad Atlas app with MVUM trails & more

    Hey guys and gals, Just an fyi I hope is helpful to you all. my apologies up front if this has already been covered, I found a really cool off road mapping app, that has the MVUMs, and a bunch of other stuff built in. He is also working on adding more to this. it's 99 cents, so not...
  12. Comanche Scott

    Garmin Aquires Delorme Publishing and Delorme InReach

    Just got an email that Garmin acquired Delorme. According to the link below, this is probably old news. So I will apologize up front, if this has already been posted. According to the email the InReach services will stay the same, except for the name on the billing. Don't know how it will...
  13. Comanche Scott

    Firestick-II cap raising SWR

    Wanted to check SWR, and output after installing the tire carrier with basket (a lot of metal near the antenna). Had a really weird issue that I've not seen before. Was able to tune antenna to about 1.3 SWR, but as soon as I put the antenna tip cap back on it would jump up to almost 2.0...
  14. Comanche Scott

    Anybody running the Kenwood TS-2000 as a mobile unit?

    My brother has this radio, and it is pretty amazing. Just wondering if anyone is running this as a mobile, and if so, how you are controlling it (i.e. Kenwood mobile kit, or laptop)? And what type antenna(s) are you using? Tia,
  15. Comanche Scott

    Manifold Destiny

    Have any of you tried cooking on your JK engine yet? . . I ordered the book, because I've done simple things like warm up brake-fast burritos, cooked Hot-Rod Dogs, on other...
  16. Comanche Scott

    Any JK guys running a single Group 31 battery instead of dual batteries?

    Started thinking about running one large group 31 AGM, rather than a dual battery setup. Then just keep one of the new Lithium Ion emergency jump kits with the vehicle. . Just wondering if anyone else is doing this? If so, what did you do for a battery tray and hold down? Thanks for the...
  17. Comanche Scott

    Mounting the fridge right behind the front seat with access from the rear doors?

    Hey guys & gals, I have some questions regarding mounting of a fridge: 1). Has anybody mounted their fridge so that it is accessed from the rear passenger door (driver's or passenger side)? 2). If you have it mounted that way do you like it, or would you rather have it mounted in the back of...
  18. Comanche Scott

    Gaia for Android, anybody using this?

    Hey all, Any of you using Gaia on your Android device? Just noticed that Gaia is available now for Android. It seems like people really like this app on their Apple devices, just wondering how well it works on Android. . For those that are using it on Android, any input would be sincerely...
  19. Comanche Scott

    Easter Jeep Safari 2015?

    Hey guys, I'm heading to Easter Jeep Safari this year. Just got approved for a week's plus vacation over Easter! :wings: Having never been there, I would sure appreciate input from those who have, on what to do, see... not miss. :beer: . I've never been to Moab, and am not a huge fan of...
  20. Comanche Scott

    Any Fall color pictures while enjoying your Jeeps?

    For those of us locked into a work grind that precludes getting out to enjoy this beautiful country, it sure would be cool to see some pictures of you guys having fun during this great fall season! :beer: We can live vicariously through your exploits, while we dream of hitting the trail. :drool...