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  1. wayfaringman13

    SOLD* 2018 Ram 4500 4x4 Total Composites Albuquerque, NM

    *SOLD* 2018 Ram 4500 4x4 Delmonico Red cab and chassis; 6.7 Cummins turbo diesel; Aisin 6-sp auto; 108"CA; 192.5" wheelbase; 4.10 gear ratio; 16.5K GVWR; 6,610 miles. AT Overland 14' aluminum flatbed 17' Total Composites camper body (second owner, originally purchased and assembled in 2017)...
  2. wayfaringman13

    Ram 4500 and total composites camper box...a slow build.

    I feel like the truck is far enough along now to share updates and build pics. Got the camper box second hand from a guy who had it on a Fuso 4x4. Then I had to source a chassis long enough to install it and after a few months of horrific used commercial vehicle searching, found a new 2018 Ram...