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  1. BCHauler

    4x4 Provan Tiger Diesel

    Not mine.
  2. BCHauler

    Just spitballing but...

    Stumbled across a cl ad for an old 70's 11.5' fiberglass-roofed camper and got to thinking: if you took a camper like the one in this ad and basically gutted it so it was just an open space, how much do you think it would weigh? No...
  3. BCHauler

    Found on CL - 4x4 Expedition camper

    Not mine.
  4. BCHauler

    Camper Wiring help

    My old Husky camper doesn't have complete wiring. At some point some work was done to it and the external plug wiring was removed. Basically, I can't plug the camper into the truck. I can remove the camper battery and charge it and then reinstall it and have full use of the camper electrics, but...
  5. BCHauler

    How should I deck this trailer?

    Hi, I have an old travel trailer frame that I would like to deck so that I can use it. As of right now I am not entirely certain what its primary purpose will be, but as it is now, its only purpose is redneck lawn art. The trailer originally had 2 2x3s running the length of the deck with...
  6. BCHauler

    For you 1st gen Dodge guys

    Not mine but a great deal.
  7. BCHauler

    Load range "D" tires for Super Duty?

    Looking for some feedback. I need to purchase a non-winter set of tires for my F250. I already have 235/85/16s on the stock 16x7 rims. I'm toying with 315/75/16 or 285/75/16. There is a retailer nearby that is advertising an excellent price on Procomp Xtreme ATs in the 285. They are load range D...
  8. BCHauler

    This is pretty interesting...

    Not mine...
  9. BCHauler

    Wildernest For Sale

    This isn't mine. Found the listing on a local Craigslist. [URL=""] Sorry. For some reason I'm unable to properly hyperlink this. Anyone with better skills feel free to fix it.
  10. BCHauler

    Upgrades for 8 inch tires?

    I recently have posted about a trailer I was building out of a 15' travel trailer frame. It was just too big for my needs so I have now acquired a junk 'sixties tent trailer instead. The box is 6'x8' and it has 8" wheels. Towing it home, the trailer really skipped and bounced around on the rough...
  11. BCHauler

    Help picking a GPS capable phone

    I apologize in advance if this is a question that has been covered but I'm not well versed in the latest technologies and smart phones are a bit of a mystery to me. My flip phone just died and I'm in the market for a new one. In the next year I hope to launch a business that will require a smart...
  12. BCHauler

    Tie downs for my $100 camper

    Hi. This spring I purchased my very first truck camper. It was only $100 and I promise to post some pics once it is on the truck. I drive an 01 f250 super duty crewcab / shortbed. The camper is an older 8' and it extends to halfway on the tailgate. I used big ratchet straps to get it home. The...
  13. BCHauler

    8' Alaskan Cab-over

    Not mine. Found it on Seattle craigslist.
  14. BCHauler

    Can I flip over my trailer axle?

    I have just acquired an old moldy travel trailer from the early 70's that I demolished and will be turning into ...well, I'm not sure yet. Maybe a flatbed, maybe a basic utility trailer for firewood etc, or maybe a traveling support platform, I haven't decided yet. Currently, I'm finishing the...
  15. BCHauler

    Reworking an older slide-in camper

    I've been chewing on a few different ideas for a camping setup for my crewcab shortbed super duty. One idea is one that has been discussed a few times: mounting a popup tent trailer on the bed of the truck to make a custom popup camper. The other idea is the one I've been thinking about most...
  16. BCHauler

    A few questions about wheels

    I am shopping for a wheel and tire upgrade for my F250. I would like to get black steel wheels in a 16x8-10 size, 8x170mm. There doesn't seem to be much out there. I have found some Pro Comp rockcrawler rims but they list a load capacity of 2000#. This seems low to me. Can anyone tell me a) is...
  17. BCHauler

    A Great Deal Someone Should Jump On

    Just found this. Seems like it would be a great expo vehicle (no affiliated with me).