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  1. tyler.96

    New Photos of the Earthroamer XV-HD ahead of SEMA

    Some pictures from ER's instagram story over the last day. They're not showing much, but will awesome to see more in preparation of their unveil in SEMA.
  2. tyler.96

    2002 Superduty ECSB 4x4 with 15k miles!! - V10 Lariat

    Found this on my local Craiglist. Pretty interesting truck. 15k miles on a Super Duty? :Wow1: The V10 isn't my cup of tea, but surely someone will find some value in it.
  3. tyler.96

    Remote Controlled Lighting / Off road Flood lights

    I was poking around looking for a place to put this in case anyone wanted to see. I'm still waiting for better weather to get out and take better pictures of the light output, but this will do for now! 2 LED Cubes found for CHEAP on amazon here. I have the lights going through an 8 channel...