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  1. JCMatthews

    Front Locker is it needed?

    I had a Jeep Cherokee with a manual 5 speed. I went with 33"s and 4.56 gears and loved it.
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    2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread

    I have a good relationship with the Big O here in town. I worked with the mechanic to get the alignment set correctly.
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    2004 Tundra Adventure Cab - Build/Adventure Thread

    I run with stock springs with 150000 miles on them and bilstein 5100's set on 2.5. I have 285 70 17 BFG KOs. I rarely have rubbing, but I have worked hard at getting the alignment right. I have now installed the SPC uppers, and they really allowed me to move my tires forward, and now only in...
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    Love it with the Brute Force Fab bumper!
  5. JCMatthews

    2004 Sequoia (Project Baby Panda) - Adventure and Build Page

    I thought it looked like a dirt track sprint car.
  6. JCMatthews

    Need Help With SPC UCA

    I know that others have used SPC uppers and listed their alignment numbers. I am getting my truck aligned and would like to know where to set my ball joint and what numbers to expect on my 2005 Tundra.
  7. JCMatthews

    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    I wonder if Ford has ever had a frame recall.
  8. JCMatthews

    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    I don't know. It is a 2005 DC. I assume it has the larger brakes. I bought it used at 42K from the original owner and it was in great shape.
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    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    The Ford was built more solidly. The brakes, for instance, on the Tundra had to be replaced at 45,000. I have replaced them myself since. The Ford service manual said to replace the brakes at 92,000, and that's when they started showing signs and were replaced. The front end of my Tundra is...
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    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    This might rile folks as well. I drank the kool-aid, and bought an 05 Tundra. We’ve liked the truck and taken it on many awesome adventures. Even to Alaska. We use it all the time and it has made for some really good trips. However lots of times I just miss the Ford Expedition we sold to...
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    F150 vs Tundra....I’ll make a decision tomorrow

    The way this thread is going makes me hope spring hurries up and gets here so people can get outside and off of their computers. This is what happens when everyone is trapped inside with no one who will listen to them anymore.
  12. JCMatthews

    HELP: I Bought an Overweight Overlander

    All kinds of chiming in here. Sounds like you bought a used truck and had an issue. Sounds like you've got it figured out for the time being. What sounds the best is that you are having a great adventure and just spent 8 days in Big Bend. Good on you and good luck. I hope everyone can move...
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    Sleeping under campershell?

    Both. She spent a lot of time in her youth in Alaska so she was glad to go back. However, all of the camping we have both done, the platform is her favorite sleeping arrangement.
  14. JCMatthews

    Sleeping under campershell?

    Sorry to get back to you so late. No suffocation. I liked it, but all of my gear had to be moved to sleep there and my wife thought she was going to die. A shell was always what we wanted. We've had a shell since 2014. I built a platform for it and spent 31 straight days sleeping in it on a...
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    Just bought a 2013 Tacoma SR5

    I have an 2005 SR5 Tundra. None of the Tundras come with lockers. I previously owned a '97 Cherokee with a 5" lift, 33s and a locker. I went anywhere I wanted. I have taken my Tundra through some pretty rough stuff and shocked people that don't understand what a regular 4wheel drive can do...
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    34x10.5R17 BFG KO2's on JK Rubicon Wheels $1400 obo

    If you separate the rims and tires, how much for just the tires?
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    Should it stay or should it go?

    I too have thrown around the idea of a Power Wagon. The 3/4 ton off-road capable truck is very appealing. I however, really don't like the looks of the 2019 Ram. If I were to get a PW I'd certainly by one slightly used. The 2012-2018 HD Rams look great.
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    1st or 2nd Gen

    Here ya go. Reasonable miles and price for a Double Cab here is a reasonable Access Cab
  19. JCMatthews

    is the 1st gen tundra one of the best platforms

    I love mine. It's not perfect, but it really is what I was looking for. I like the "dated" interior. I am not a fan of all the new fangled electronic gadgetry. The DC is very roomy. I took my family of 5 on a 31 day trip to Alaska in 2015. It may not be a Cummins or Powerstroke, but I live...