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  1. GaryMc

    A.R.E DCU 36

    I’m selling my 2015/16 A.R.E DCU 36” shell. I’ve been camping out of it for two years and am moving on to an AT Habitat. Great shell that I insulated with blue foam board and skinned with 1/4” plywood. Fairing is easily removable and holes plugged with pop rivets. Rack and attachments are not...
  2. GaryMc

    Old Man Emu for Tundra?

    I’m shopping for an OME kit for my ‘08 Tundra and wondering if the forum has any favorites for good deals. Thanks for your time!
  3. GaryMc

    WTB Yakima Hi-Rise Spacers

    Looking for a set of Yakima hi-rise spacers for the 1A towers. I have the towers, just need the spacers to clear my roofline.
  4. GaryMc

    Steiner Commander Binocs

    This seems like it might be an appropriate place for this question.... I've come into a pair of Steiner Commander RS 2000 binoculars. I already have two good sets of glasses and don't need/want these. They are in good condition and I'm wondering what they might be worth used? Is there a...
  5. GaryMc

    2008 Tundra Factory Nerf Bars

    OEM step bars, nerf bars, whatever you call them. Great condition, ect. $100'ish or trade for something cool. Located in Moab. Pickup only.
  6. GaryMc

    Foamboard to Metal?

    I picked up a ARE DCU shell for my new-to-me Tundra and want to glue in some 3/4" foamboard for insulation. Any idea what glue would be best for mounting foam to a slick aluminum surface that gets faily hot from the sun? I figure 3M spray adhesive will melt the foam, so thats probably out.
  7. GaryMc

    Burris Euro Diamond Rifle Scope

    New in box, still in original bubble wrap and fleece cover, Burris Euro Diamond scope. 3x-12x-50mm Matt black finish. Never used, never mounted. Perfect, brand new condition. $544 new Will sell for $300. EDIT REDUCED TO $250.00 PayPal or cash in person only Thanks -Gary Please...
  8. GaryMc

    Scary's Moving Sale

    Looks like I'm moving in less than a month and need to jettison gear for both moving fundage and lack of storage. I will add items over the net week. I'll take PayPal or cash in person. -Lincoln 140HD Welder. $375.00 Two months old and comes with all of the factory attachments...
  9. GaryMc

    Solar Wiring Location?

    I finally got around to picking up a solar controller for the van and was wondering, once I get the panel installed, where y'all have drilled through from the panel into the body to run your wiring? Any place better than others? Thanks for the help, Gary
  10. GaryMc

    New Job with Benefits....

    So, at my new job I have full after-hours access to a lift, hydraulic tubing bendier, CAD-linked plasma table and burly MIG setup. I've got a few ideas for the van that I'm working on. That said, I'd like to hear what y'all would do with such a setup? Let's hear 'em boys!
  11. GaryMc

    4x4 Decals?

    Anyone know of a source for the red and black 4x4 decals I see on a lot of Ford 4x4 van conversions? Thanks!
  12. GaryMc

    Large Undercarriage Propane Tank?

    I've been looking around online for a undercarriage propane tank similar to what the VW vans use, but I'd like a larger capacity version and can't seem to find one. Does anyone know where I can find one online? Thanks, Gary Mc
  13. GaryMc

    Bumper Plans?

    I'm thinking about building some bumpers fro my '99 Ford since I can't afford one from Aluminess or the like. Are there any sources for plans/prints or do I just need to wing it? Thanks- GMcD
  14. GaryMc

    Ford Rear Shackles

    Is there a source for shorter rear shackles for the E-series vans? My '99 needs another inch or so of lift and the rear is already stiff enough that I'd rather stay away from an AAL. Gracias- GMcD
  15. GaryMc

    Fiamma Mounting Question

    I'm looking at different ways to mount my Fiamma to my four Yakima crossbars and was wondering if y'all had any better ideas than mine... Fiamma's brackets for crossbars are fairly rickety and I was thinking of using a heavy piece of aluminum angle mounted to the bottom of the bars with u-bolts...
  16. GaryMc

    Dodge Cummins Electrical Issues

    Figured I'd ask here before I start digging into things I don't know anything about... My 2000 Dodge Cummins 4x4 has suffered a loss of brake lights and turn signals at about the same time. Fuses and bulbs are all in good shape and that is the extent of my electrical knowledge. Any thoughts as...
  17. GaryMc

    Callen or the like Interior Pics or ideas?

    I picked up a Callen cab-over shell last week on craigslist and am looking for some interior build-out inspiration. Anyone care to share their pics or ideas? I've already added a tailgate net to the cab-over section for sleeping gear storage and have built a temporary plywood platform between...
  18. GaryMc

    B.O.B. Yak Trailer in Grand Junction, CO

    I'm selling my BOB Yak trailer. It's been used a dozen or so time for grocery runs but has otherwise collected dust in the garage. I've owned it for less that a year and it's in great shape. Make it yours for $175 Local pickup only
  19. GaryMc

    Pics of your favorite fly water

    Post up a pic or two of some of of your favorite fly water. Don't feel the need to name the spots, I won't name mine. :costumed-smiley-007 Here's one of my favorite places while on an overnight float last month.... And last summer...
  20. GaryMc

    House for rent in Futaleufu Chile?

    This is a longshot..... We plan to be in Futaleufu, Chile sometime early December 2011 and would like to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom house for a minimum of 6 months. If you know of anyone with a rental please let me know. Many Thanks- Gary