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    No refrigeration needed

    I no longer eat grains or sugar. However, when I did, this was my favorite "just add water" pancake mix. Light and fluffy.
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    Halley - '17 WK2 Trailhawk Overland Build

    I just came from a Grand Cherokee with a Hemi. 12 in town, 15 on the road, 7 when towing my RV trailer. 18-20 feels like I am dreaming!!! LOL
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    Halley - '17 WK2 Trailhawk Overland Build

    I have had the same concern as I have the same weight numbers for my wife and I. Enjoying your build. I traded my 2011 GC Summit V8 for a 2018 Overland V6 and haven't gotten up the nerve to cut or drill yet. Mad skills!
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    2019 Grand Cherokee SLOW Build

    Congratulations on your new GC. I just upgraded to a 2018 Overlad from a 2011 Summit. Loved the Summit, but at 160k miles, it cost me over $10k in repairs its final year (a QTII strut is $2,000). Got the Maxcare warranty just before they quit offering it. Otherwise I might have gone back to...
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    Pull-out Kitchen Thread

    I have been trying to decide if I can build something that approximates the Australian AOR Quantum Plus. Their kitchen is perfect for what I want.
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    Pull-out Kitchen Thread

    I like that a lot!!! Getting my juices flowing to build a pullout kitchen like that . . . then build a trailer around it.
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    New Off Road Teardrop home away from home!

    Wow, as I was reading your story I was thinking I would enjoy a similar build.
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    Wildlife Photography

    I hope you used a really long lens. Remember, wildlife can be dangerous. :)
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    Wildlife Photography

    Excellent lighting! Especially the way the lighting is soft so the colors come out, but there appears to be a glint of sunshine on his left antler.
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    Not very many Grand Cherokee WK's??

    How do you like your drawer with the pullout "dining table"? I have an ARB fridge like yours and have been contemplating building a similar drawer.
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    Not very many Grand Cherokee WK's??

    I am also pulling teardrop trailer with a WK2. Mine is a 2011 WK2 5.7 Hemi Summit model. Love it. Just got back to Minnesota from Moab. Since I live 1000 miles from anywhere I want to play, the creature comforts help. The Hemi will pull the teardrop :) Gas mileage sucks, but I get a big...
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    A different kind of trailer build: 20' enclosed "support trailer"

    I am very interested in what you are doing. I currently have a teardrop, but am thinking of building out a 6x12 or 7x14 into a full light off-road ( forest service roads, BLM) camper.
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    Wildlife Photography

    Love the owl picture.
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    Wildlife Photography

    I caught this one a few weeks ago while out on a walk. I was trying out a new day pack and it must have been good luck. Note the partially eaten fish in the talons.
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    Wildlife Photography

    Amazing eyes on the coyote!
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    ARB 50 QT -- Buyer's Remorse?

    Bought an ARB 50 last year for my Grand Cherokee. Has quickly become my favorite piece of camping gear. Mine also never leaves the Jeep. Considered the 63, but very happy with the 50.
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    Project Casita #2

    I have been trying to decide on my next trailer, upgrading from a teardrop. Last night I was researching fiberglass eggs. Is the fiberglass too brittle for overland duty? Nothing more rough than neglected forest service roads. I have also been pondering cargo trailer conversions.
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    Kimberley Inspired Camper Build

    Much tidier than my wiring attempts.