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    What do you carry on your bumper?

    Well there are a few more reasons to removing a spare from its location other than tire size or just looks, you don't have to assume those are the only ones.
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    What do you carry on your bumper?

    just my spare tire. Trying to keep the bumper as light as possible. Rear bumper weight is not desirable because its the farthest point aft of the vehicle, farthest away from the rear axle.
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    Winches and circuit breakers/fuses/disconnects

    As Hillbillyheaven said, I'd be more suspicious of the bluetooth remote in your case. And I agree, even if its not 400A, winches still draw a lot of current and they're wired hot directly to battery. Scary stuff. I don't worry much about amp draw or running the winch, I'm worried about what's...
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    Does the 2007 V6 4Runner have enough power

    Well, this is logic reasoning as well as completely flawed simply because he's adding 700lbs to the unloaded weight. To that you have to add the 4 "normal weight americans" for 1000lbs plus gear. That's when things start to get really heavy. The vehicle will obviously be able to move 1700lbs...
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    Water Crossing with a Mechanical Fan?

    I do multiple deep water crossings per trip. Anywhere from covering the bumper to (usually) completely dunking the hood. Mind you, my trips are in really warm weather, crossing a stream mid-day would mean temps are on the high 30s Celsius and our fan(s) will be spinning. Here's my take from...
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    anyone have ram mounts? Mine won't tighten...

    I have used Ram mounts extensively over the past 12 or 13 years. Never have they slipped or rotated on their knuckles once tightened. Either you have the wrong diameter ball and socket combo on your mount, or they're greased/dirty enough to reduce friction drastically. Bear in mind, X Grips...
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    TDI Tacoma

    Well, I feel someone has to say this: We need more pics.
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    Automatic or Manual Transmission for Expedition Use?

    There you go. No need to overthink things. I usually visit a mountain village down here that requires low range both uphill and downhill for about an hour uphill and an hour and a half downhill. Land Cruisers reign supreme. I've visited my whole life, its a common weekend escape. I've visited...
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    Automatic or Manual Transmission for Expedition Use?

    In that case, I agree 100%.
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    Automatic or Manual Transmission for Expedition Use?

    Engine braking on an automatic is just as feasible as a manual. Sure, when you compare engine braking in a 5 speed manual vs a 4 speed auto, the auto will feel like its worse. You don't have to have 10 speeds to mae it feel more like a manual, A750F 5 speeds have no problem selecting gearing as...
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    Automatic or Manual Transmission for Expedition Use?

    The 80 series LCs are old tech, no doubt, but both their gearboxes have proven to be bomb proof stock. So its basically a toss up. Comparing a non-synchronized truck transmission to a regular car or SUV transmission is not entirely fair. While floating gears in a regular synchronized...
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    Automatic or Manual Transmission for Expedition Use?

    While I do appreciate driving manual vehicles, still own a couple and drive manual frequently and completely understand the few benefits manual transmissions offer, I have to say automatic. A somewhat modern automatic has a few key pros over a manual: Comfort, number one. Although that never...
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    South American Cruiser Cost?

    I'm not sure about the colombian Market. But that rig, across the border, would be around 15-16k any day.
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    Are 285s worth it?? I'm not so sure.../ rear diff going out

    Ive found, for IFS Toyotas, 265-75R16 is the perfect compromise tire. There is none that performs better all around without noticeable cons. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, weight is kept low. So extra strain on your front end is reduced drastically. This is KEY on 3rd gen 4Runners where...
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    The Great Camp Chair Debate

    Any ideas on whats the best place to buy the Frontrunner chairs in the US? I cant seem to find them at a decent price. Amazon sells them at 75$ plus 12$ shipping badically. I recall when I read the whole 19 pages of this thread theres someone making the old version? Will that be cheaper?
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    FJ62 Reimagined - Restoration - Modern Drivetrain - Stoffregen Motorsports

    I agree 100%. The Toyota engine would just satisfy my purist mindset, but the LS makes complete sense in the American market. There have been a few R2.8s installed on 60/62s, but its obvious it will be a slouch when compared to the V8. It would just be for the cool factor. My standards really...
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    FJ62 Reimagined - Restoration - Modern Drivetrain - Stoffregen Motorsports

    Taking a page from the second generation 70 series with the front coils / rear leafs? Being somewhat of a purist I'd love to see a Toyota V8, but the R2.8 would still be awesome. Keen to see how it turns out as usual!
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    JDM Toyota Dyna 4x4 Build Thread

    You know, I stand corrected. You're most likely right, I might have misjudged the size of that truck. It looks lighter duty than the Dyna. I believe the Dynas have larger engines than the 5L, and have 2000kg payloads. Awesome vehicle and project, nevertheless!
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    JDM Toyota Dyna 4x4 Build Thread

    Very interesting build! Congrats on the purchase, ill keep tabs. One thing, though. A Dyna and a Hiace are not the same vehicle. Dyna is a much larger, much heavier duty truck. Hiace is a Panel that shares some of its powertrain with the Hiluxes.
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    Simple, portable solar setup?

    charge controller is a given. But I don't want to permanently mount the panel on the roof as roof loads vary and I can't have it taking up real estate up there, specially since it would probably be damaged at some point. can you point me in the right direction? What components would you use to...