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    Carrying Propane - exchangeable 20lb tank versus 2 smaller tanks

    Something to consider with the exchange a tank places is that they are only 3/4 filled, 15# in a 20# tank. They do this to keep the price down. If you need to swap an old expired tired tank they might be a good choice but if you are calculating burn rate/usage at a 20# tank size you might come...
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    Change your security lug nuts.

    My local mechanic told me years ago that they break quite often when we were talking one day. I went home and removed them from all my vehicles. I only run factory rims and nothing super special for tires so I wasn't worried about theft. I am also not in a city that may have wheel theft issues...
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    Thoughts on a hitch-mounted "roof tent" rack?

    At first glance when I had seen it before it looked like a good idea. What concerns me is that RTTs are designed to be horizontal so that the cover sheds the rain. I suppose if you know the wx is going to be good and live in an arid area it would be fine. Living in the East I would be concerned...
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    Dometic PLB40 Reviews

    I picked up the 60W on clearance sale at OK4WD. I have a 26W one too so I link them both in to the PLB 40. The Overland Solar Bugout 120 is around $600 or so, it's 120W. Nothing is cheap unfortunately. Build your collection up slowly over time, then you'll wonder why you have so much stuff...
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    Dometic PLB40 Reviews

    I have a PowerFilm solar R-60. It comes with the cigar 12V socket that you can plug in to. Just plug the 12V cord in to that and you'll be fine. Works fine for me.
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    Truma Combi? users comments?

    I've been hoping for them to have the Truma also. The frost protection seems like a good option too. I haven't seen the FWC water heater in-depth but I wonder if they put a winterizing bypass in or do you need to fill the 6 gal heater with antifreeze to winterize it? The all in one unit seems to...
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    *SOLD* Custom Offroad Trailer with RTT (NC)

    Nice looking set up. GLWS. If you don't sell before October there is the Roof Top Tent Rally @ James River State Park in VA. Might be able to get some interest there, it's about 3hrs from where you are.
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    Keeping your vehicle cool

    Check out aluminet shade cloth. It's reflective and a mesh that lets air flow through it. Breathes better than a tarp.
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    Alu-Cab Has Landed In The USA!

    Believe it or not the website has finally been updated... Still looking for where they hid the full sized truck canopies and Khaya...Rin???
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    Question on Garmin Inreach

    Been using the inReach Explorer+ for several years now and happy with it. The BT connection is great for maps and texting. The Explorer+ is a pain to text with until you try using gloves on the phone, then the Explorer is the way to go as it has old fashioned buttons... Customer service has been...
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    Looking for a solid APRS rugged handheld radio

    Solid APRS rugged handheld radio, Yaesu VX-8DR with the attached GPS unit. You will have to search around as it is no longer made unfortunately. Runner up would be the FT-2DR by Yaesu. Yes there is a screen but it is recessed a bit to protect it compared to the Kenwoods. Kenwoods are great but...
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    National Luna Split-Charge System Charging Issues?

    I still like the NL battery systems. The split charge and the PPP along with the remote monitor/controller. Dead starter battery? Just hit the connect button. I don't think anything is 100% reliable any more, BlueSea or NL or any other, but overall I have been happy with the NL products for what...
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    National Luna Split-Charge System Charging Issues?

    When it does the "heat disconnect" it will not join the batteries, the solenoid is most likely overheated. It works later fine. As for the 5 min disconnect, I am familiar with that from running the PPP. The aux battery has had more capacity than the main so the BMS does not see it as the Aux is...
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    Advice on purchasing a truck shell?

    I have an ARE CX with the OTR finish on it. Overall I like it better than the painted ones as I don't need to worry about dropping RTT spring bars or anything else on it. What I don't like is the lack of quality that ARE now has. My first one that I bought years ago was fine. The new one leaks...
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    National Luna Split-Charge System Charging Issues?

    I had the NL PPP in my 2009 Silverado and had no problems. In the Spring I ditched the truck and got a 2018 K3500. Installed the NL split charge with a spare group 48 under the hood. The GM has the fuel efficient power management BS that drops the alternator when the batter is charged like the...
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    Alu-Cab Has Landed In The USA!

    I see there is more info on the often elusive Khaya camper. Living with Khaya has been posted and seems to be a bit different than what I had seen at Expo East last year. New additional fold down upstairs for the bed besides the main bed, electrics have moved to the other side compartment, some...
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    Electric Chain Saw???

    Since I had a Black and Decker weed trimmer for a few spots in the yard I went the the Black and Decker chainsaw probably 5 or more years ago, time flies. I already had the batteries and charger so I didn't want to get something different. The Stihl unit looks like a good deal. Since your only...
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    New Alu-cab Khaya Camper for sale in US - details with pricing now available

    Since the full sized are still hopefully in the design stages...any feelings on changing out the heater? I realize that the standard Khaya is designed for the global market and with the fill sized one being spec'd for the US/NA market perhaps now is a good time to ask? I'm not really a fan of...