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  1. clarkh

    The not-so-definitive guide to Sienna seats

    I'll be selling my front mounts if anyone is interested. Passenger swivel. PM me. Located in San Diego.
  2. clarkh

    Pop Top LIft Mechanism 1200mm

    These are gone. I ordered them from Australia, im sure they could ship to Germany as easy as to US
  3. clarkh

    235/85r16- who's run them on an E350?

    Bumped down in size from 255 to 235 on my E450 dually. 235 are Toyo CT. Drives and tracks so much better.
  4. clarkh

    Post Van Parts For Sale Here please

    Cleaning out the garage, Removed from my ambo. Free for pickup in San Diego. Grab bar about 6ft long.
  5. clarkh

    Sold. 7- 255 85 r16 Cooper ST Maxx - San Diego

    These back up for sale
  6. clarkh

    7.3 fuel leak...solved

    Ebp. Exhaust back pressure sensor. Clean out the hard line.
  7. clarkh

    Mexico insurance

    Call Baja Bound. They were able to insure my custom camper but they had to get it approved by underwriting or something
  8. clarkh

    Sold. 7- 255 85 r16 Cooper ST Maxx - San Diego

    Probably. PM me.
  9. clarkh

    Sold. 7- 255 85 r16 Cooper ST Maxx - San Diego

    I do. Sacramento area. Won't be that way till spring break or summer though
  10. clarkh

    Sold. 7- 255 85 r16 Cooper ST Maxx - San Diego

    Been through TN and loved it. Unfortunately no current plans to head that way
  11. clarkh

    Sold. 7- 255 85 r16 Cooper ST Maxx - San Diego

    7 of these, less than 15k miles. Plenty of life left. Located in San Diego $1000
  12. clarkh

    Pop Top LIft Mechanism 1200mm

    These Flat Canopy Lift Mechanisms are used to help raise the roof on a pop top or campervan. They are made from steel track on both the bottom and top parts and have two flat steel lengths that form an “X” and pivot in the center. I ordered these from Australia and decided to tilt the top up...
  13. clarkh

    Ambulance Camper/ Expedition Rig Conversion FAQ

    I have a 6 foot long grab bar removed from the ceiling of my ambo if anyone is in need. Trying to clear out my garage of the little bits i kept but didn't need.
  14. clarkh

    Door swap

    Thanks guys, headed out today to check out a door from a 2001.
  15. clarkh

    Ambulance switch labeling ideas or solutions They are very helpful if you call. They have many switches and custom rockers
  16. clarkh

    From Freightliner ambulance to RV - we hope!

    I have the f45 on the top of my ambo. Should work well for you. We like it, would like it lower but with giant huge ambo it is where it is.
  17. clarkh

    Kaiju the 4x4 ambulance build

    Yeah, I just put L track. Most "stuff" can just tie down but I did build some cross bars to mount a snowboard rack when needed. Crossbar just mounts to the L track
  18. clarkh

    Door swap

    Someone please throwdown some knowledge on me. Previous owner of my ambo let the passenger side door swing open causing damage to the leading edge of the door and the fender. Looks like fenders are readily available. My question in about the door - my guess it it will be easiest to get...