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  1. colodak

    Antenna Mounting thoughts

    Working on my '15 Nissan Frontier Crew cab. Currently I have my CB antenna mounted on a fender mount on the drivers side, stereo antenna is on the passenger side, Sirius antenna is roof mounted. I'm getting ready to install a GMRS antenna and a 2/70 antenna on the roof. Both will be magnetic...
  2. colodak

    The Danger of using the wrong recovery equipment

    Ronny Dahl, 4 Wheeling Australia has a multi part video not using tow balls for recovery
  3. colodak

    Interchangeable Power Cords - Magellan

    I have a Magellan TR5 Trail and Off-Road GPS, I want to hardwire the power cord. The issue, no one seems to list a hardwire cord for the TR line (TRX 7, TR7, TR 5) of GPS. Does anyone know, are the power cords interchangeable within the Magellan GPS's? I find other hard wire cords online, I've...
  4. colodak

    TYT, Bao, QYT, Anytone, etc.....are these any good?

    Perusing ebay, I see all these other radios, TYT, QYT, Baofeng, Anytone, etc., for much cheaper than Icom, Yaesu, etc. Are they any good, especially for a beginner? Tried reading some reviews on Eham and other sites, but it became confusing. I'd see 10 people giving 3 or 4 stars to the things...
  5. colodak

    FS: OEM 16" Nissan Wheels, may fit other vehicles

    Recently got a deal on some aftermarket wheels for my 2015 Nissan Frontier, as a result I am selling the OEM wheels. These wheels retail for $500 ea from the dealer, I have seen them on Ebay and used wheel places for $150 to $250 ea, I am selling all 4 for $400 (plus shipping if not local to me...
  6. colodak

    '15 Silver SV Expo build

    Not new to the forums, new to the Nissan section, previously had a 2000 Dodge Dakota that I was building, after trials and tribulation, and some problems that could not be resolved, I decided to sell it, and upgrade. New vehicle is a 2015 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed Value truck. Yeah, some...
  7. colodak

    Opinions needed on new vehicle choice

    I'm debating between a brand new 2014/2105 Nissan Frontier Pro-4x or a newer Ram 2500/3500. My budget is $31K max. For that price, I can get a brand new Frontier from several dealers. But, when I look at Ram's, I find either 10 yrs old, or 3 to 4 yrs old with 100K + miles and unknown service...
  8. colodak

    FS: Garmin GPSMap 60C

    Bought this a few years back off ebay, works excellent, no issues with it, I upgraded recently to a different model and the wife said I can't have two of them. Includes Unit, Owners Manual, Cig. Lighter power source, shortened hardwire power source, Ram Handlebar mount and a second mount that...
  9. colodak

    Need info on '13 Outlander GT

    This is a DD for my wife, at most it'll see snow/ice. I'm curious best websites directly for these, or websites for upgrades or mods.
  10. colodak

    road Shower

    anyone tried one of these? only holds 5 gal. and pressurized, saw one attached to a Yakima rack at Rack Attack this morning. Looks like a good idea, needs to hold more water though.
  11. colodak

    Tacoma Dblcab Owners, I need some help

    Can someone provide me with the measurements between wheel openings back of front wheel to front of back wheel on a dblcab. I want to see if the sliders/sidesteps made by All Pro would fit on my Dodge Dakota. I emailed them a few weeks back and Kurtis asked for some measurements, which I have...
  12. colodak

    Should I sell it or keep it?

    Need some outside unbiased feedback. Debating about keeping or replacing my '00 Dodge Dakota. I've had it since new, now has 132K on it. One of my biggest issues right now is that there is no longer a lift available, hasn't been for a few years, so at this point it's whatever I can get from the...
  13. colodak

    picked up a new toy yesterday

    '09 Kawasaki KLE 650 Versys, only had 10 miles on it when I took it off the showroom floor. Dealer supposedly still has some '09's in crates, originally wanted $7,600 for it, since I was a cash buyer and had some negotiation room, was able to get it for $6,400, with new jacket and ppd 600 mile...
  14. colodak

    Looking for a bike, debating GS650, Versys, V-Strom

    This will be a first bike for me, plan to use it for commuting and light trail use once I get used to it. All 3 are in the same general range of price, BMW at the bottom V-Strom at the top. Thoughts? Opinions? looking at a late summer purchase.
  15. colodak

    4 Wheel Parts has a discount bin.............

    If your ever by a 4WP's store, check out their discount bin. Picked up an ARB X-jack (inflatable bag lift), regularly $249.99 on close out for $195.00. They had a huge table stacked with stuff and on the floor 10% to 30% off.
  16. colodak

    2 Yakima Boa bicycle carriers w/ keyed locks

    Purchased these about a year ago, installed them and never used them. We've decided to go a different route for carrying our bikes, hence these have to go. These retail for $69.00 ea. and the locks are $35.00 a set. I'm asking $80 shipped for the whole thing, better than half off.
  17. colodak

    Need some mounting ideas for a Garmin GPSMAP 60 Csx

    Currently I have it attached to my center console with an external antenna, the problem is that the antenna cable keeps getting cut/broke. I'm getting a regular Nuvi for general travel that will be on the dash so I don't really want to clutter the dash too much.
  18. colodak

    Storage Box carpeting

    I'm down to the home stretch on my storage box project, going to get some carpeting tonight. For those of you who have carpeted your boxes, did you attached the carpet in the drawers or just lay it down so it can be removed for cleaning/replacement if needed or did you glue it/carpet tape...
  19. colodak

    My Dodge Dakota Q-cab

    So, I see there are a few others on here who will recognize my Dakota from other sites. I only recently found this site and love it. Thought I'd post up some pics of my '00 Dakota, original owner, so far only 119K miles on the 360 V8. It's been and still is a work in progress with lots more...
  20. colodak

    Spotted an Overland person today

    Nissan 4x4 on I-70 heading EB in Western Colorado, right side drive, Aussie plates. I believe was the website on the side