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    Mini Restore (deferred maintenance) and new toys for my 05 G500 Grand Edition

    Decided to keep the 05 G500, do a mini restore (neglected maintenance) and build it for more hard core offroad! Maintenance ~150k miles: Front axle cv/seals rebuild engine valve cover seals and other gaskets that were leaking a bit (its no land rover after all) TC oils and all new oil seals...
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    WTB Mercedes Tow Pin Bumper W463

    I'm looking for a tow pin bumper for my 05 W463 Mercedes G500. Color doesn't matter and original mat black is preferred.
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    Braid Winrace S 17*8 ET33 for mercedes G

    Hi guys, I'm talking with Braid to have some custom 17*8 G ET 33 wheels made since I really like the tire options in 17" and nobody else seems to offer a 17" now. The Thor G10s in 17*8 ET 25 that I'm running on my 14 G550 are awesome but apparently no longer being made and the ET25 is a cool...
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    2014 G550 expedition build

    Hi Guys, I've started a new build on a 2014 G550 with 45k original CA miles. Build list: Thor G10 17" wheels custom powder coated flat black - Installed BFG ko2 in 285/70-r17 - Installed Ohlins shocks for up to 3" lift - on order ORC Locker and brake lines - installing when the Ohlins come in...
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    2005 Mercedes G500 Grand Edition - Portland, OR

    Hi guys, I started a new build with a 2014 G550 and I'm selling my 05 G500 Grand Edition. I've had the truck for almost 8 years and its in great shape inside and out. 146k miles, 50mm lift with fox shocks and ORC brake/locker lines all around. Genuine MB euro mudflaps. VTS 7000lbs trailer hitch...