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    LeRoy's LittleGuy Silver Shadow Modifications

    Hi Everyone, Scott B is also building out a LittleGuy Silver Shadow here and suggested that I also share my modifications. I have been reading this forum for several years. The encouragement gained here helped me build my first "expedition" trailer. The goal was to take my wife on a 3 week...
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    Trailer Build - Gear Hauler - TV = Toyota Solara Convertible

    Decision have been made. Plywood has been cut! I am headed out on a 3-4 week journey from Minnesota to the Pacific NorthWest (via Yellowstone/Tetons). The trip might be enjoyable with a new-to-us convertible. However, camping out of a convertible seems a little cramped. I started out...
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    CraigsList Utility Box Trailer

    This looks like it could make a pretty serious gear hauler. I am not ready for it so thought I would share it with you. In Farmington, MN.
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    Advantages of Front-Mounted Ice Chest

    I see a lot of trailers with the ice chest mounted in front of the trailer on the tongue. What are the advantages of this arrangement over putting the ice chest inside the trailer? Thanks,
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    Convertible Gear Hauler

    Okay, it's maybe not what you expected and it's probably not a typical tow vehicle, but it is a gear hauler for a convertible! :) I have had enough of sitting at a desk and need to head for the mountains. Planning on traveling from Minneapolis area to the Great Northwest (Seattle, Portland...