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  1. Inyo_man

    Its been a while

    I'm not versed on all of the differences, but the early Gen 3 comes with a 3.5, and the later Gen 3's in the USA came with a 3.8 and traction control. There are likely more differences that I'm not aware of... Cheers
  2. Inyo_man

    What did you do to your Mitsubishi today?

    A very sad situation... sorry to hear about the loss of so many tools! Twin Detroit Locked! This will be a weapon on the tracks! Cheers
  3. Inyo_man

    Reached 300,000 miles...

    The gauge he is running is the Ultra Gauge. (I've got one in my rig as well.) They are great little tools to monitor the rig.
  4. Inyo_man

    Prospective 3rd gen Montero buyer: specific questions about a few issues

    When was the last time you changed the fluid in the transmission? It sounds like it could be the torque converter. My rig did this when I first purchased it with under 30k on the clock. After completing a fluid exchange (not just a drain and fill), the issue never occurred again. Regular...
  5. Inyo_man

    1978 Toyota Chinook 4x4 Chinook Camper Shell $28,500

    The tag states the motor is a 22RE, but it sure looks like it's got a carb. on it...22R?
  6. Inyo_man

    Tire load range and pressures

    Daily driving with 35 lbs is fine with E rated tires (when unladen on a half ton). Experiment with the pressure until you find your desired comfort level. Check the contact patch using the good 'ol fashion chalk method. The E-loads will definitely hold up well in the rocks. Cheers
  7. Inyo_man

    Monty the 3rd Gen Montero

    Glad to see you're getting out into the bush! Bummer about the fuel leak. I had the same issue quite a few years back while wheeling in Plumas NF. We were solo on that trip, so I was worried to say the least. Factory recall on the leveler was honored by the dealer when I returned. (Love your...
  8. Inyo_man

    Strength of Gen 3 stock spare tire mount

    Below is a thread that is worth reading on the subject. Cheers
  9. Inyo_man

    Switching my life to "not Jeans". Can I get some recomendations for good NON JEANS

    I've been wearing Ben Davis trousers since I switched from Tough Skins jeans as a young lad. Plenty tough!
  10. Inyo_man

    Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics

    I fabricated a mount quite a few years back, and it's still working flawlessly. Below is a thread where I posted what I #14 and #31. Cheers
  11. Inyo_man

    Post your Mitsubishi Pajero Pics

    Nice work on the Jerry Can holder! How did you attach it behind the spear? Dose it "clamp" between the tailgate spare tire mount and the spare? That's how I mount the fuel carrier on my Gen III and its working out issues, and many miles of tracks on it. Cheers
  12. Inyo_man

    Gen 2 rear springs in Baja?

    Glad to hear you got it sorted out. The tracks in Baja can be relentless! Cheers
  13. Inyo_man

    Gen 2 rear springs in Baja?

    Sorry to hear about the situation. I had a similar situation in '92 while traveling in Central America in a Toyota pickup. We broke a leaf spring and rigged the suspension to get us back to the pavement. We then found a local shop that "custom" made our broken part. Since he didn't have the...
  14. Inyo_man

    Gasket set and bearings help...

    When rebuilding the top end of my 3.5L I used this OEM gasket kit (MD977868). I don't recall having to order any additional gaskets or seals to complete the job. Hope this helps... Cheers
  15. Inyo_man

    Random Scenic Shots

    Spent a beautiful week disperse camping with family! The snow levels are very low in the Sierra, at least for now. Cheers
  16. Inyo_man

    Types of tire chains?

    I hear ya', Bravo30. That's the main reason I purchased the RUD 4x4 GRIP chains...get stuck, slap the chains on drive out of stuck situation. Well, at least most of the time...sometimes it does take a bit of winching. Cheers
  17. Inyo_man

    Catalytic converter options for 2001 Montero Limited

    Here is a helpful site... Cheers
  18. Inyo_man

    Flashing Center Diff. Lock light

    The center differential light started blinking a few weeks ago. It would happen after driving at highway speeds for a sustained period of time (longer than 40 min., or so). When the vehicle was turned off, and restarted, the light would not flash. My first thought was a bad switch on the top of...
  19. Inyo_man

    The Heap. A Gen 2 Tracker/Vitara Build

    Nice project! Trackers are great little kids both learned how to drive and turn a wrench on a '91 and '94 Tracker. The 5-speed manual is fun to drive and when you dial in the motor they will run like a champ. Nice work with the winch! Keep the snap shots coming... Cheers
  20. Inyo_man

    New guy here...Hi everybody (3G Montero)

    Nice looking rig at a reasonable price...well done. Here's wishing you many miles of adventure! Welcome aboard