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  1. clarkh

    Sold. 7- 255 85 r16 Cooper ST Maxx - San Diego

    7 of these, less than 15k miles. Plenty of life left. Located in San Diego $1000
  2. clarkh

    Pop Top LIft Mechanism 1200mm

    These Flat Canopy Lift Mechanisms are used to help raise the roof on a pop top or campervan. They are made from steel track on both the bottom and top parts and have two flat steel lengths that form an “X” and pivot in the center. I ordered these from Australia and decided to tilt the top up...
  3. clarkh

    Door swap

    Someone please throwdown some knowledge on me. Previous owner of my ambo let the passenger side door swing open causing damage to the leading edge of the door and the fender. Looks like fenders are readily available. My question in about the door - my guess it it will be easiest to get...
  4. clarkh

    Clark Camper - 2000 E450 Ambo

    Another Ambo build here. Like me when it comes to unimog and land rovers I get that many of you don't understand the awesomeness of the Ambo. That's fine. I've never done a build thread so this will not rise to the level of the high bar set by fellow members on here. But it should go quick...
  5. clarkh

    Front Vinyl floor. 2000 E450

    Hey guys, looking for the molded vinyl floor for the front of my cab chassis 2000 E450. Anybody found a source?
  6. clarkh

    Campingaz Grill - San Diego

    This is a Campingaz grill. We purchased this in Europe on a camping trip and it was wonderful. Uses the non-threaded Campingaz gas cartridges. I don't know if these are available in the states or not. This worked great for us and is ready for another adventure in the EU. Message with any...
  7. clarkh

    6.0 tranny cooler in 7.3

    For these vans, is the the 6.0 cooler from a truck a direct swap into my 2000 7.3? In trucks i understand yes but see conflicting info for vans. I understand the hose fittings are different on the 6.0 Thanks!
  8. clarkh

    SOLD-Camper Van -- 4 Forward Facing Captains Chairs -- Sleeps 4 -- Standing Headroom

    SOLD 2.13.16 Although it would't surprise me if some of you guys would try, this is probably not a vehicle you can take on the WRT or the Rubicon. But it can go most of the places most people want to go.... More pictures at For Sale: Location – San Diego, CA...