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    I need a route building program for PC

    As the title says, I need a stand alone mapping program. I have Gaia but its web based and while it works for mapping and sending to my Ipad, it has issues sending a GPX file I created to my PC. Here's what I need to do, create a route and put the GPX file into my PC and modify one of my...
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    Roof coating on new plywood

    Planning out the roof on my new build. I would like to use the rubberized roof coating for a variety of reasons. What I see is EPDM should be the way to go. Spreads on nicely, self leveling, reflects heat, flex's and is water proof. Everything I want. The problem is this, all of the manufactures...
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    Trailer Park Brake solved with pictures

    I know people have successfully hooked them up but all I found after months of research was people asking about it, others trying things but never saying if it worked. Odds are the info is buried in someone’s build thread. So here we go. Handle. I chose an Orscheln Lever, Part number 02182700...
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    Mapping program to use on my Imac

    I have been using Basecamp with the topo add-on for what seems like forever. I would plot my route, set my way-points separate them into folders and transfer them over to whatever GPS I'm currently using. I used to have a Garmin Nuvi but, it was stolen a while ago and now I use my ipad with Gaia...