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    Is a large UPS usable for anything

    I recently came in to possession of a large UPS that was in the computer room at work. It's from the mid '90s and weighs just under 500 lbs with the batteries. It has 4 AGM batteries that need to be replaced, so the IT manager decided to upgrade and this ended up on the electronics recycle pile...
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    1990 Ford Coachman E250 Supervan

    I bought this in early April this year and thought it was time to get a build/mod thread started. It's incredibly solid for it's age with no real rust to speak of except a bit along the leading edge of the hood. The odometer shows 89,xxx and I'm convinced that is accurate. The drivers seat is so...
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    Sun Lite pop-up on craigslist

    What do you guys think if this? I'm not really interested in it at this point, just curious.
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    My F250 project

    So here are some pics of my recently acquired multi-purpose truck. It's a '91 F250HD, 5.8 liter, and ZF 5-speed. I've camped out of it a bit this summer with a ground tent. I'd like to be a little more self contained but am unsure exactly what direction I want to go. I need to be able to use it...